Sustainability Leadership From The Grassroots: Henry Torres

KGNU is partnering with FLOWS, a sustainability leadership and climate action group based out of CU Boulder for a new series on grassroots sustainability. We’re sharing the stories of FLOWS leaders and how their culturally diverse and often international backgrounds make them, and the communities they work with, valuable assets to the sustainability movement.


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    Sustainability Leadership From The Grassroots: Henry Torres KGNU News


Henry Torres has been a a member of Foundations for Leaders Organizing for Water and Sustainability or FLOWS leadership program for the last three years as a community member. Henry, grew up outside the U.S. with culturally common sustainability practices. “My family being a traditional family in Venezuela always practiced sustainability.”

The types of conservation ethic FLOWS leaders bring to the table is part of what makes the FLOWS leadership group a special asset to the affordable housing communities they work with and the community at large.

“I remember always my Grandpa (said) “turn off the lights,” so struggling financially you turn your lights off.”  Henry said that many of the practices he grew up with, like taking shorter showers and growing food in the garden, were to save money, but were also environmental practices rooted in sustainability. “Maybe I’m doing this work unconsciously but I’m an environmentalist.”

He says these are lessons that will stay with him throughout his life.  “It’s just something that it will come back to you later on in life. It just gets implanted in your mind.”

The FLOWS radio series is made possible by a grant from Boulder County.



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    Sustainability Leadership From The Grassroots: Henry Torres KGNU News

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