Streetwise Mural Festival – Art Driven by Social Activism

10 new murals are being created at different locations around Boulder. They’re part of the Street Wise Boulder Mural Festival which is an art experience driven by social activism.


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    Streetwise Mural Festival – Art Driven by Social Activism KGNU News

Leah Brenner Clack, founder and curator of Street Wise Boulder says public art on this scale is a way to really engage a community.

“The concept is that we’re bringing this powerful medium of street art to Boulder but with deeper messaging to it. So all these artists are painting around themes that are important to our culture and our social activism nature in Boulder.” Clack says she selected artists who are sometimes underrepresented in street art “like women, LGBTQ artists and people of color, so intentionally (we) have a diverse group of artists, they’re all painting murals about themes that are important to them and important to culture, gender identity, diversity, inclusion, a lot of the climate crisis and other ecological activism.”

Photo credit:Lauren Click. @rockeraclick

The Boulder Chamber is home to a permanent wall mural painted on the Chamber Center and Visitor Information building at Folsom and Pearl st, by renowned muralist Armando Silva of Greeley.  John Tayer of the Boulder Chamber says there has been a wonderful response to the mural on the building. He says the chamber wanted to support the Street Wise festival as art plays such an important role in the community.

“We know that arts thrive in our community and it is a benefit to us not only as an economic generator, but also as an expression of our innovation and entrepreneur culture.”

There will be a Street Wise Block Party on Saturday October 5 from 12-4pm at the Chamber Center, 2440 Pearl St. Additional events, including the gallery show reception at the Boulder Library Canyon Gallery, artist workshops and community events can be found on the events page at and on the Street Wise Facebook page.


Featured Artists:

Alvin Gregario, Armando Silva, The Aquetza Collective with Jasmine Baetz, Chelsea Lewinski, The Designasaur, Edica Pacha, Grow Love, Hyland Mather, Johnny Draco, John Heenan, Hollis + Lana, Jessica Moon, Katy Zimmerman, Koko Bayer, Lindee Zimmer, Mando Marie, Mark Bueno, The Matador, Max Coleman, Patrick Maxcy, Niamh Rita, So Gnar Creative Division, UC Sepia, Tony Zellaha.

Find all 10 murals in Boulder here.




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    Streetwise Mural Festival – Art Driven by Social Activism KGNU News

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