State House Rock: Encouraging Civic Engagement

The current political climate is making some people queasy but making others more inclined to be civically engaged. An event at the Alliance Center in Denver on April 25th is hoping to teach people some tools on how to effectively communicate with elected officials.



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    State House Rock: Encouraging Civic Engagement KGNU News


Brenna Simmons St. Onge with the Alliance Center says that the premise of the event is to educate citizens on engaging with elected officials, but also it provides overall civics education. “The goal overall is to educate citizens and connect them with the right resources and information to meaningfully participate in our democracy.”

The event is structured to give an overview of the day in the life of an elected official and their political aides.

Legislative staff from the Senate and House will take participants on a civic journey to explore:

  • A day in the life of the district office and the best way to effectively engage your legislative representative
  • Importance of elections and voting
  • Where to find information and access resources
  • How the House Senate work and are organized/structured
  • Action items for engagement future (Presented by Colorado Common Cause)

State House Rock happens April 25th from 5.30-7.30pm at the Alliance Center in Denver.



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