Start of migrant expulsion in Denver and alleged race discrimination in DPS

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Migrants start being discharged from Denver shelters 

The City of Denver will evict nearly 800 new immigrants from temporary shelters in the next few weeks. 

On Monday, the city booted 140 new immigrants that Denver Mike Johnston moved into hotels and cold weather shelters during late December and January. 

According to city staff, that number will rise to about 660 people in the next couple of weeks.

Jon Ewing, a spokesperson for the Denver Department of Human Resources, stated that about 60 people a day would be discharged over the next few months. 

The evictions are the result of Denver’s new regulation on the time new immigrants are allowed to stay in city-provided shelters.

Johnston said in a town hall meeting, “Now we have the terrible decision that if we don’t start exiting folks, we will have 250 folks that will arrive today or the day after who don’t have anywhere to go at night.’’

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CU renewable energy study

The University of CU Boulder says that utility companies all over the U.S. are on track to become carbon neutral by 2050. 

This study concludes that even in states without carbon-reduction policies, utility companies are meeting their energy goals.

The CU professor who co-authored the study said the private sector is moving toward renewable energy faster than expected.

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Department of Education investigates race discrimination in Denver Public Schools

A conservative law firm is suing Denver Public Schools for alleged racial bias. 

The law firm Mountain States Legal Foundation is accusing the school district of using race as a factor to decide who can participate in certain elementary school math courses and the formation of a new disciplinary review committee. 

The complaint stems from criticism over the way Denver Public Schools handled a school shooting last year which left two administrators wounded. 

Many parents and educators said DPS could have prevented the attack with more security. The lawsuit alleges that DPS demonstrated racial bias when selecting committee members to review the security policies. 

According to the Denver Post, a DPS spokesperson is refuting the allegations, stating that the schools do follow all equity guidelines posed by the Department of Justice.

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CU Climate Action Plan 

The University of Colorado Boulder is asking for public comment on the latest draft of its Climate Action Plan.

 The University of Colorado Boulder is encouraging community members, staff, and students to submit their feedback. The comment period began Monday and continues until March 5.

The plan is a recommitment by the university to become carbon-neutral by 2050 while working towards improved accountability and community engagement.

The current public comment period is open until March 5th.

View the climate action plan here

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