Sensi: Driving While Impaired

The state is still struggling with how to deal with impaired drivers. Leland Rucker, senior editor at Sensi Magazine says that while there is currently no test to determine impairment, and though some statistics indicate that cannabis is a factor in driving deaths, there is not a lot of data available about stoned drivers, to inform us of the scope of the problem. Seventeen percent of DUI arrests last year involved marijuana, according to the Colorado State Patrol.


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    Sensi: Driving While Impaired KGNU News


Rucker says there are alternatives to driving when impaired, including a program that lets marijuana users in Colorado choose discounted Lyft rides is part of the 320 Movement, a project of the Colorado Department of Transportation, Lyft and the Marijuana Industry Group. The 320 Movement was launched in March 2017 to remind the tens of thousands of people coming to the 420 celebration to plan for a safe ride first.


Through 4/20 of 2018 the 320 Movement will offer monthly discounted Lyft rides to marijuana users and will send users to to learn about the dangers of driving high.


The CDOT 320 Movement campaigns are funded through an appropriation of $450K in FY2016-17, and $950K in FY 2017-18 for marijuana impaired driving programs. MIG and Lyft agreed to help offset costs for the payment of collateral pieces and ride share discounts to supplement and extend this current campaign.


The collateral pieces include toolkits to go to Colorado dispensaries to promote marijuana safety information and be able to offer discounted Lyft ride codes to their customers. “Our ask is simple – if you choose to legally consume cannabis, plan ahead and don’t get behind the wheel,” said Kristi Kelly, executive director of MIG. Full information at

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    Sensi: Driving While Impaired KGNU News

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