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“Democracy is built on a deeper listening, not simply imposing our views on others, but by actually integrating them into a larger whole.”  -Stephen Dinan

In Stephen Dinan’s latest book  “Sacred America, Sacred World: Fulfilling Our Mission in Service to All,” he argues the case for a more mature political system and for transpartisan solutions.

“We have to shift how we think about politics rather than a combat model. We’re essentially just trying to defeat the enemy.”

Dinan discusses how the different political factions in the country can find ways to listen to each other and find complimentary ways to move the country into the future. Democracy requires that politicians, and citizens, work together to create a unified country, but the current political system seems to be more geared toward polarization.


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Stephen Dinan will speak about his book on Thursday June 23rd from 12:30-2pm at  For Heaven’s Sake in Denver and on Friday June 24 at the Boulder Bookstore at 7:30pm.



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