Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on environmental activism

“Protecting the environment is about protecting democracy, and protecting notions of justice and fairness and equality, human rights and civil rights and all those things are wrapped up into one package.”

H2O Radio‘s Jamie Sudler and Frani Halperin had a conversation with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., about the over arching issue facing the environmental movement.

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The environmental movement struggles daily to protect waterways, keep air clean, and ultimately stop the destruction of our planet. All over the globe people are organizing. For example, in North Carolina they work to mitigate pollution from industrial hog farms; in India citizens fight to keep garbage from being tossed into the Yamuna River; and, in China organizers try to find solutions to stop coal pollution. All of these localized efforts are part of a larger global attempt to create sustainable environments.

What they each have in common is their requirement for success: a fully functioning democracy.

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    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on environmental activism kgnu

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