Reveal: Affirmative action: The price of admission

The U.S. Supreme Court is about to make a decision that could affect college admissions across the country. And Texas’ Top 10 Percent Rule plays a starring role.

Image: Genesis Morales and Grayson Rutherford both had big college dreams. The Top 10 Percent Rule affected them very differently. Cooper Neill for The Texas Tribune.

On this episode of Reveal, reporter Neena Satija, of our partner The Texas Tribune, tells us how an attempt to boost diversity in Texas colleges could, paradoxically, end affirmative action. She also takes a long look at the Top 10 Percent Rule and whether it gets students of different backgrounds to attend the state’s top public universities.

We’ll hear from two high-achieving young Texans: Genesis Morales and Grayson Rutherford. They’re college-bound students who attend high schools only 10 miles from one another but whose experiences are worlds apart.

We’ll also take you to Berkeley, California, and look at that school district’s integration plan. Over five decades, that plan has worked, for the most part – Berkeley’s kindergarten through eighth grade system is a model for the rest of the country on how to integrate schools. But the city’s single high school faces unexpected challenges.


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