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Back in January hundreds of thousands of people came out onto the streets of cities around the world to participate in the women’s marches. More than 100,000 people gathered in Denver for the March on Colorado. Since that time, the organizers have been figuring out the next steps for the organization.

Lisa Cutter, one of the 4 board members March on Colorado, says that they have been taking some time to find out what the community needs in terms of activism. “We’ve been doing quite a bit of community outreach which is not necessarily super visible, but we think really, really important. We’ve been networking in the activist community and other key groups, just to make sure that we really do understand what people want and that we have connections in place, that we can all work together to effect change eventually.”

Cutter says there are a lot of groups working in the community that they would like to support, rather than duplicating efforts.  “We’d like to help those people engage by participating in things that are already going on.”

The March on Colorado organizers will have a presence in at the upcoming Juneteenth and Pride Fest celebrations in Denver and invite their supporters to come out and support those events.


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You can connect with the March on Colorado through their website or their facebook page march on Colorado. You can connect with the organization that way if you’re interested in helping them in their outreach at the upcoming pride fest and Juneteenth events in Denver.

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