Positive People: Andrew Hyde

Andrew Hyde loves Boulder in the age of the technology startup ecosystem, much of which he helped resurrect or grow. He lives a life of minimalism and is a consummate community connector here in Boulder and across the globe. Andrew was TechStars’ #1 employee, he started Ignite Boulder, Startup Weekend, Startup Week, and he owns the TEDx Boulder event. Andrew is invested in Boulder. He co-owns the Trident Café on Pearl Street. It’s a community gathering place where he got his start making a business plan while drinking a $2.50 latte.

Recently Andrew spoke with Sam Sussman and Raj Rawat, co-hosts of “Positive People” which brings inspirational role models who share tools and resources that our community can use right now, right away.


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    Positive People: Andrew Hyde KGNU News

This is unpacking the wisdom-rich talk and some core instructional and inspirational kernels to help you achieve your potential.


(1)  If you missed the first wave, second, and third waves of startups, where can you start?
Boulder has many many free events where you can get started. Show up and meet. Test your idea, meet people, and explore it’s potential. Startup weekend – launch a company in a weekend’s worth of intense work, Startup week – build a company in a week’s worth of collaboration and mentoring, Ignite Boulder – give a 5-minute pitch, no matter how geeky or mainstream obscure the idea seems to be, or many meet-ups around town to find and connect with the intellectual-power-rich Boulder community.


(2) Powerful message: to win, set realistic expectations.

Set the goals to reach the sky and also prepare to do so. Don’t compromise your ambition, aspirations, and inspiration. Ready yourself to engage with the right expectations. If you are not prepared you will potentially get hurt. If you lack knowledge, skills and experience learn before taking on the reigning champions.


(3) Important reminder: Life’s about connecting and hospitality and also respect.
Life’s real treasure is about people, trust, and well being. Treat others with respect and keep high ethical standards.  Go find people and places that resonate with your interests and aspirations. Bring people together, who share your strengths. Connect, participate, inspire. Thrive.

Positive People is a show about positivity, tools, and resources that our community can use right now, right away. This show will give you many tools and insights. If you want to participate in the tech startup world, you will find places to go. If you are not achieving your velocity, you will hear ideas to strengthen or restart, and if you are successful, you will inspired to give back the mentoring that you received to someone who’s stuck on a trail and has lost the water bottle.


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    Positive People: Andrew Hyde KGNU News




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