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9/27/14: The 2014 installment of Reykjavik Calling will take place on Saturday September 27th at 3 Kings. The event will feature collaborations and performances from the following musicians from Denver: Tom Hagerman (DeVotchKa), Porlolo, and Macon Terry (Clouds & Mountains). They will be collaborating with the following Icelandic musicians: Sin Fang, Hermigervill, and Retro Stefsson. The concert is a free showcase.

Reykjavik Calling is an annual musical event that pairs Icelandic and Denver musicians together for a truly unique free concert showcase. The concert is part of the overall Taste of Iceland series of events that unfold every year at various locations in Denver. Since it began in 2012, the Reykjavik Calling showcase has created some remarkable collaborative moments between artists who had met in person only days before. Explore our archives of this event.

Previous Performers:
Jesse Elliott (Ark Life / These United States) + Lay Low
Esmé Patterson (Paper Bird) + Snorri Helgasson
Tyler Ludwick (Princess Music) + Sin Fang

Joe Sampson (Bad Weather California) + Lay Low
Julie Davis (Bela Karoli / Bluebook / Fairchildren) + Mugison
Erin Roberts (Ending People) + Petur Ben
Patrick Dethlefs + Sóley

Reykjavik Calling Performance Archives:

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