KGNU Fund Drive Music Specials – Fall 2018

Fall Fund Drive Music Specials

The KGNU Music Department has several auditory treats coming up during the Drive – don’t miss out on these one-of-a-kind specials you can only hear from the KGNU DJs.

Music Specials:

  • Wednesday, October 10th Morning Sound Alternative – “Another Cover Songs Show” with Doug Gertner
  • Wednesday, October 10th Afternoon Sound Alternative – Music from 1968 with Cal Huss
  • Wednesday, October 10th Musica Mundi – Studio Session with the Dexter Paine Quintet with EC and George Figgs
  • Thursday, October 11th Afternoon Sound Alternative – Protest Songs with Andy Zicklin
  • Thursday, October 11th Ragtime America – Colorado Ragtime Musicians with Jack Rummel
  • Friday, October 12th Morning Sound Alternative – Bob Dylan Covers with Ginger Perry
  • Friday, October 12th Dusty Grooves – Aretha Franklin Special with Deep Rawk Dave
  • Saturday, October 13th Old Grass Gnu Grass – Male and Female Duets with Jack Rummel
  • Monday, October 15th Morning Sound Alternative – Special guest Kenny Weissberg with Ginger Perry
  • Monday, October 15th A Classic Monday – Local Composers with Chris Mohr
  • Wednesday, October 17th Morning Sound Alternative – San Francisco Nights: Music from the Bay Area 1964-1972 with Uncle Jeff
  • Wednesday, October 17th Afternoon Sound Alternative – Stevie Wonder Special with Sam Fuqua and Paul Epstein of Twist & Shout Records
  • Wednesday, October 17th Reggae Transfusion – Women of Modern Reggae with The Groove Thief
  • Thursday, October 18th Morning Sound Alternative – Light & Dark with Carrie Marks
  • Thursday, October 18th Afternoon Sound Alternative – 40 Years of KGNU’s Top Albums with Indra Raj and Sean Makau
  • Thursday, October 18th HWY 322 – Songs from the Folklore Center with Sanford Baran
  • Saturday, October 20th Reggae Bloodlines – Riddim Excursion: Exploring Reggae’s Top Riddims and their revisions from the 60’s to today with J-Dub
  • Saturday, October 20th Grateful Dead Rare Tapes Special with Chris O’Riley and Mike Massa

Tune in and don’t miss a minute of these special music shows, our amazing thank-you gifts for your support, and so much more!

There’s a box set of musical reasons to support KGNU during our Fall Fund Drive by becoming a member, renewing your KGNU membership, bumping up your sustaining (SOLR) support, or by making that additional contribution to KGNU today.

Already a KGNU supporter? Tune in a friend to all the reasons that you love and support KGNU. Help us grow our community base by turning on your friends to KGNU. Donate online or call 303-449-4885 to be a part of YOUR local community radio station.

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