2024 Spring Fund Drive Music Specials

Love music? We have an array of musical treats to delight your ears during our 2024 Spring Fund Drive.

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3/9 Reggae Bloodlines – Women in Reggae with Ewket

Join us as we pay homage to the influential and often unsung heroines of reggae music. From the soulful crooners to the fiery toasters, this show shines a spotlight on the diverse talents and powerful voices that have shaped the reggae genre.

3/11 Morning Sound Alternative – The Colorado Music Experience with Doug Gertner

Music journalist G Brown brings to life the legendary Ebbets Field club of the early 1970s, and the underground sounds of KCUV radio that aired in the early aughts. Tune for rare live recordings and expert commentary on these two lost Denver musical treasures.

3/11 Afternoon Sound Alternative – Sly and the Family Stone Special with Paul Epstein & Sam Fuqua

Take a whirlwind tour of the groundbreaking funk, soul, and rock fusion that only Sly and the Family Stone could deliver. Dive into their biggest hits, uncover some deep cuts, and celebrate the enduring legacy of a band that changed the face of music with their infectious grooves and message of love and unity. Get ready to dance to the music and sing a simple song with us in this electrifying tribute to one of the most innovative bands of their time.

3/12 Morning Sound Alternative – Carole King Special with Ginger Perry

Join us on a melodious journey through the life and music of one of the most influential singer-songwriters of our time, Carole King. From her early days as a hit-making songwriter at the Brill Building to the release of her landmark album “Tapestry,” this special explores the stories behind her timeless songs and enduring legacy. Join us as we celebrate the voice and vision of Carole King, and the impact she continues to have on music and artists everywhere.

3/12 Afternoon Sound Alternative – 80s & 90s Queens with Carrie Marks

Let’s shines a spotlight on the iconic female artists and bands that defined two transformative decades in music. During this special, we will celebrate the diverse sounds and groundbreaking achievements of women in music during the 80s and 90s. Join us as we revisit the hits, discover the deep cuts, and honor the voices that brought fresh perspectives, innovation, and undeniable power to our musical world.

3/12 Kabaret – bellhoss Studio Session with Beka Luna

Tune in for a live studio session with local indie band, bellhoss.

3/13 Morning Sound Alternative – KGNU Music Archives with Indra Raj & Chris O’Riley

Listen to an auditory journey through the vast and eclectic music archives of KGNU, a cornerstone of community radio on the Front Range. Spanning 46 years of broadcasting, this show uncovers the hidden gems, special moments, and musical revolutions that have echoed through the station’s history. From the early days of grassroots broadcasting to the digital age, we’ll explore how the station’s commitment to diverse, independent music has shaped the cultural landscape and connected communities.

3/13 Afternoon Sound Alternative – Something Old, Something New with Iris Berkeley

This show will pair the freshest 2024 releases with the timeless tracks that paved their way, bridging the gap between the past and the present, and exploring how vintage sounds continue to influence and inspire new music.

3/14 Afternoon Sound Alternative – Vocoder Special with Uncle Jeff & davealex

The topic would be on the Vocoder, which originally was technology used by the military to encrypt messages over the open airwaves, but then got discovered by hip hop and rock artists in the 80s as a vocal treatment tool which eventually paved the way for auto-tune. Darth Vader and the Star Wars robots I think were the catalyst for using it musically. I’d like to go over the history of the vocoder technology from its military roots and then play popular songs using the technology. We’d bring in a couple of vocoders to use for treatments to our voice over the air too (I’ll try to recreate the encryption and decryption usage too, and we can demo it, assuming we can get it to work).

3/14 Ragtime America – Farewell Ragtime America show with Jack Rummel

After four decades of bringing the joy of ragtime music into our homes, it’s time to bid farewell to a true legend. For over 40 years, Jack Rummel has been the voice behind the magic of Ragtime America, sharing his wealth of knowledge and love for this timeless genre. Join Jack Rummel for a special farewell episode as we celebrate the show’s legacy and salute a true ragtime aficionado.

3/14 Swing Shift – Swingin’ 78s with George C

Step back in time to the era of 78 RPM recordings and immerse yourself in the infectious rhythms of swing music.

3/16 Reggae Bloodlines – Roots, Rock, Reggae: The Marley Legacy with J-Dub

Explore the enduring impact of Bob Marley through music from his band members and family. Dive into the heart of reggae as we celebrate Marley’s legacy, tracing its influence through the vibrant tunes of his descendants and collaborators. Join us for a journey of love, unity, and rhythmic revolution, all inspired by the legend himself.

3/16 Grateful Dead Special – Grateful Dead Special with Chris O’Riley & Paul Epstein

Tune in for our bi-annual Grateful Dead Rare Tapes special, featuring deep cuts from Grateful Dead, stories from the shows, and exciting Dead-head thank-you gifts.

3/17 St. Patty’s Day Special – St. Patrick’s Day Special with Karl Kumli, Rodger Hara, Natalie Shrewsbury

It’s time for KGNU’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day musical extravaganza, featuring the best in Celtic music to keep you company during your St. Patty’s celebrations. Tune in for delightful music, Irish soda bread tastings, and greetings from our local Celtic community throughout the show.

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