Listener Commentary: We are watching! We are active!

State Attorney General Cynthia Coffman, in a move that is in keeping with Republican Bully politics, is suing the County of Boulder because they don’t want continued drilling and fracking in their County. Boulder County has worked within the difficult confines of the law to hold moratoriums on drilling. This is a scene being repeated all over the country.

Given the climate of politics and corporate influence in our State and in our Country, it should come as no surprise that this is happening. AG Coffman and the gas and oil industry don’t have the patience to see Counties doing all they can to exhaust legal efforts and put off corporate fueled court wrangling. They just can’t wait.

What you should understand is that AG Coffman, while stating that she is doing this on behalf of “the people of Colorado”, is willing to force the people of Colorado to pay taxes to both defend and prosecute themselves! That is not Democratic or Republican, that is unadorned corporate power, influence and greed. We are not Democrats and Republicans, we are Coloradans and Americans. I don’t believe having the taxpayers who elected you pay taxes coming and going is a conservative principle. Neither is it a Democratic one. It’s the actions of someone who is dishonest hiding behind “the people” to advance the interests of the gas and oil industry. This is in the face of increasingly proven health risks to the very people she professes to be speaking for.

AG Coffman, you are on notice that the People of Colorado are watching. They understand that what you are trying to get away with in Boulder County will be what you will do to all our Counties. Continuing to lie and defend the wrong interests will lead to the end of your political career. WE ARE WATCHING, WE ARE ACTIVE.

Listener commentary by Kara Edin.

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    Listener Commentary: We are watching! We are active! KGNU News

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    Listener Commentary: We are watching! We are active! KGNU News

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