July Nature Almanac – Tiger Beetle

This July’s Nature Almanac is about the valiant search for the wondrous and iridescent Tiger Beetle . . . that has proved to be unfindable by Ruth Carol and Scott Severs for three months in a row.  After amazing warm weather in late April, the day they went out looking for Tiger Beetles, it snowed. They tried to record about the jewel like, dazzling beetles mid-May for June, and it snowed again.  They tried in mid-June for July, and while it didn’t snow, it came close – a cold and wet day.

Image: Purple Tiger Beetle (Cicindela purpurea) for the Nature Almanac. Photographed on the White Rocks Trail. Courtesy of Scott E. Severs.

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    July Nature Almanac – Tiger Beetle kgnu

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    July Nature Almanac – Tiger Beetle kgnu

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