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Information for Foreigners is a play written by Griselda Gambaro in 1971. It takes a look at Argentina in the 1970’s when the abuse of human rights was rampant and many people began to disappear. The play presents several examples of how authority can get out of control on the search for complete and total power. The play reminds viewers that this happens all over the world at different times.


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Maru Garcia, the director of a performance of the play, says that the message of the play is still relevant today, 48 years after the first time that it was performed. In the 1970’s in Argentina, there was a dictator who would erase all opposition. This resulted in many scholars, students, and advocates for human rights would disappear.


Information for Foreigners will be an interactive play at the Red Rocks Community College. “The audience travels through different things watching different things in a different order. So the audience is divided into four different groups, and they see all the play, but everyone in a different order. There are also some characters that are interacting with the audience, just so the audience can also feel what is happening. So you are not only a spectator, you are also a participant in this aggressive way of doing things from the authorities. So it’s a little bit of feeling the repression in their own self without attacking the audience. It’s this transformation, this traveling from scene to scene that creates this environment for the audience to feel it in real life.”

Performances of Information for Foreigners are March 7th, 8th and 9th at 7pm at the Red Rocks Community College Lakewood Campus.


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