Human Rights in the Age of Trump

Human Rights in the Age of Trump is a panel discussion happening on Thursday, March 23 at 250 Humanities, CU Boulder.

Martín Chamorro, a former adjunct professor at CU Boulder and founder of the software company BigSIS, is one of the panelists who will speak. He will focus on how the Trump administration’s policies pose a greater threat to immigrants than anything since the enactment of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. “That was a policy that was passed in response to a previous policy that had been in place since 1924 what it did was…it established that immigrants could come to the United States but were limited by a quota system…So for a long time if you were an immigrant from Africa, or especially if you were an immigrant from Asia, you had very, very little chance of coming into the US. It was very racial.”

Chamorro says what’s happening now with the travel ban targeting muslim majority countries is a step back in time to those racially based immigration policies. “Because of the statements that Trump and his administration have made it has been clear that this has been a veiled attempt to do something like that.”


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    Human Rights in the Age of Trump KGNU News


Other panelists include:

Vinnie Cervantes from the Denver Justice Project (DJP) who will speak on the transformation of the role of police in our society as well as DJP’s goals to end mass incarceration and seek racial justice.

Hadi Hashmi who will speak on the impacts of Trump policies on Muslims.

Christinia Eala, a Sicangu-Lakota elder who spent three and a half months at Standing Rock, who will speak on the Native American struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

Ron Forthofer from the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center who will speak about human rights and U.S. foreign policy.

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    Human Rights in the Age of Trump KGNU News




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