How shall we feed each other?

Michelle Auerbach with John Lehndorff at KGNU / Shannon Young

On Radio Nibbles over the years, our broken food system has been a frequent concern. John Lehndorff welcomed Michelle Auerbach to talk about how we can change how we feed each other in the interest of personal and global health. Auerbach is the co-author of a new book, “Feeding Each Other” with Nicole Civita.

The best thing John tasted (besides Michelle’s baked goods) was the tap water from Aurora. Really.

Join John and longtime Boulder food writer Clay Fong on Radio Nibbles Sept. 21 when they break down the recently awarded Colorado Michelin awards.


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    How shall we feed each other? kgnu

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While you can better get down on the farm using John’s guide to Boulder County roadside farm stands:


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