Hickenlooper’s Final Bill Signing

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    Hickenlooper’s Final Bill Signing KGNU News


Governor John Hickenlooper signed his final bills as Governor on Tuesday at the state capitol. And as Bente Birkeland reports, he discussed this week’s Supreme Court’s decision on the Masterpiece Cakeshop case.

“Nobody wants to – in any way – disrespect someone’s religion.” – Governor John Hickenlooper

Seven of the nine justices ruled in favor of a baker Jack Philips – who refused to make a cake for a same sex couple’s wedding celebration based on his religion. The opinion hinged on the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which heard the case and ruled against Philips. The high court said the commission was hostile and biased against the baker’s deeply held religious beliefs. The Governor says the state will thoroughly digest the ruling.

And make sure that the commission has got all the training and that we all agree on how to approach cases in the future to make that sure we’re doing things in the right way. Religious freedom is something that pretty much everyone I know believes in. Nobody wants to in anyway disrespect someone’s religion.

After Hickenlooper signed a bill into law and took questions, he seemed sentimental. He thanked the press for covering him over the years and doing what he called “a fair and honorable job”. He’s term limited and says he hasn’t decided on his next steps.

Listen to full coverage below:

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    Hickenlooper’s Final Bill Signing KGNU News


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    Hickenlooper’s Final Bill Signing KGNU News

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