Hemispheres: Ayurvedic traditions of India

Three guests chat with host Nikki Kayser about ancient cultures of India.

First, the planning of an expedition to the furthest northeast region of the country, to document an isolated indigenous tribe, the Zakhring tribe in the Arunachal area.

The project is headed by Denver photographer Jason Powers, who had previous experience working with indigenous people in the area.

He is interested in documenting the tribes because their numbers are decreasing to the point they might go extinct in the near future. He was the photographer, and the rest of his team consisted of three other specialists, an anthropologist, an ethnobotanist, and a technical climbing guide. His project resulted in a book and a touring photographic exhibit.

Second, we have an interview with an ayurvedic medicine practitioner. Who uses the wisdom and practices of the ancient Indian system of healing in Boulder.

Tera Rafael, a registered midwife discovered a whole life approach to midwifery through Ayurvedic traditions. Tera’s website is wise womanhood.

Finally, psychiatrist Dr Henry Emmons, also of Boulder, uses Ayurvedic principles in his treatment of depression. He discusses his new book, The Chemistry of Joy.

Dr Emmons combines western science and eastern wisdom in a refreshing, balanced and holistic treatment of this common malady.




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