Headlines — September 7, 2022

September 7, 2022


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Extreme Heat Forces 32 Denver Public Schools To End Class Early 

32 Denver Public Schools that do not have air conditioning will close early and 4 will close entirely because of extreme heat. 

DPS officials told CBS yesterday that closing because of the intensity of the high temperatures brought by the current September heat wave is the last resort to keep students and school staff safe. There are currently 55 schools in the district that don’t have A/C. 

The district had planned to install air conditioning in many of these facilities during the summer with a nearly 130 million dollar voter-funded bond passed in 2020. 

A DPS official told The Denver Post that supply chain issues delayed the installation. 

So far, only 6 of these schools have completed full installations. Officials say the schools will close early for the rest of the week.

Long Weekend Of University Hill Break-Ins

The long weekend for CU Boulder Students living on University Hill ended in several incidents of sexual misconduct and burglaries. The Boulder Police Department (BPD) reported three separate occasions of a male breaking into homes and engaging in sexual acts and stealing from victims. All three described the suspect as a college-aged man who is about 6 feet tall.

The string of three break-ins over the past weekend all happened within a block of each other and with similar reports from victims.

The first reported break-in this weekend occurred close to 4 AM Saturday on the Hill. The suspect broke into a house of CU Boulder female students. The victim of this incident was asleep in her bed and awoke to the suspect “committing a lewd act near her” according to a release from BPD. 

Close to 6 AM on Sunday, another incident occurred one block over on the 1000 block of Pleasant street. This victim also woke up to the suspect committing a lewd act near her. The victim and another woman in the same apartment reported missing car keys. 

On Monday at around 6 AM, another report came in. The police say the woman in this apartment awoke to the suspect touching her in a sexual manner. The suspect then went into another bedroom in the apartment where he was confronted by another victim, according to BPD. 

BPD is still searching for the suspects and asks that anyone nearby with surveillance cameras or pictures share them with the Police. Other victims or anyone who has information related to these crimes is asked to call Detective Flynn at 303-441-1850 and reference case 22-8786. Anyone who would like to remain anonymous and provide information may contact Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Weld County Rancher Spends Millions For Republican Party 

Donors with deep pockets are in a race to outspend each other in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

Weld County ranch owner Steve Wells has become one of the largest contributors to Republican-backed races in Colorado. Wells, whose fortune comes from oil and gas drilling, has spent $6 Million on Republican Colorado gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl. Ganahl serves on CU’s board of regents and is an outspoken critic of teaching critical race theory in schools. 

Wells, who helped to lead the 2019 recall of Weld county’s first Latina lesbian elected to the statehouse, Rochelle Galindo, has a history of using his money to influence Colorado politics.

Wells told the Colorado Sun that he isn’t sure how much he’ll spend to get Ganahl elected, he just wants to beat gov. Jared Polis. 

“I honestly believe this is probably the most important election Colorado will ever see,” he said. “I look at the drugs, I look at the crime. I’m looking at the homelessness, I’m looking at the economy. These guys have made a mess out of everything.” he said to the sun. 

Steve Wells spent $401,000 on campaign-related radio and TV ads that will air from Sept. 12 through Nov. 6. According to the sun, it mentions “inflation, drug abuse, homelessness.”

Longmont City Board And Commission Openings 

The Longmont City Council is recruiting residents to fill positions on city boards and commissions. 

Applicants for the volunteer positions must live in Longmont one year prior to applying, be registered voters, and attend prior meetings with the specific boards they are applying for in order to be eligible for the process. Applications are due before 5 pm on Friday, October 14, 2022. More information is available online at longmontcolorado.gov/boards.

The City of Boulder Public Art Program Calls For Artists

The City of Boulder’s Office of Arts and Culture is seeking local artists or art professionals to apply for multiple opportunities offered by the City of Boulder’s Public Art program. Some of these opportunities include a project involving the Valmont Park rain garden, a position in the Creative Neighborhoods Mural Program, and many more. Any artists looking to apply can visit the City of Boulder’s Office of Arts and Culture website for more information.

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