Headlines — September 6, 2022

September 6, 2022


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    Headlines — September 6, 2022 Luis Licon

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Heat Wave Warning

The heat wave that scorched labor day vacationers this weekend will continue throughout most the week with highs into the triple digits and mid-90’s for most of the Denver metro area. The dry heat is expected to ease on Friday with a cold front moving in over the weekend. 

Officials announced an air quality alert yesterday through 12 pm today. They recommend that because of high levels of ozone, sensitive groups, including those with asthma or lung disease avoid the outdoors. 

Day Shelter Discussion on City Council Agenda

The City of Boulder is planning on opening a new day services center for unhoused residents.

 Backed by the City Council, the goal is to create a shelter to improve the general health and well-being of people who might use the space while also improving the public areas where people experiencing unsheltered homelessness reside.

The Daily Camera reports that the City of Boulder would like to provide a single location where people can connect with organizations that provide services like case management and mental health support.

But, as with many projects related to homelessness, there is disagreement in the community about the shelter including where to locate it, what services it should provide and whether it’s a good idea at all.

Boulder hasn’t offered daytime shelter services since the service provided by organizations Bridge House and Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow ended in 2017.

Boulder is also preparing to kick off its Project Recovery, which will provide residential and outpatient services for people with significant substance use disorders. As well as the Building Home project, which will improve housing retention for people within permanent supportive housing.

Longmont May Increase Utility Rates

The Platte River (Power Authority) may increase power prices for Longmont residents next year. During today’s meeting, Longmont City Council will discuss increasing residential utilities 2.1 percent over the 2.5 percent planned rate hike for the upcoming year. 

This year the average amount of energy used in a home was 700 kilowatts each month, which is equivalent to about $74 in energy bills per month. In an interview with the Daily Camera  Scott Rochat, Longmont Power & Communications public relations and marketing specialist said that “What’s behind this, part of it, is that Platte River (Power Authority) has accelerated its investments in renewable energy sources.”

The Longmont City Council will further review the proposal in a study session this today at & PM. 

School Districts Across Colorado Roll Out Dyslexia Screening

Many school districts are rolling out programs that will screen children for signs of dyslexia. This spring the Boulder Valley School District will screen every kindergartener in the district after piloting the program for two years in select schools. 

These programs hope to help teachers tailor curriculums to students who may have different learning styles. The screening will help identify students that are struggling with speech sounds, decoding words and spelling. These efforts come after the state continues its own program for dyslexia screening. 

According to the Department of Education, 15%-20% of the population is affected by dyslexia. Boulder Valley is one of the first Colorado districts to implement dyslexia screening. 

Thornton Police fatally shot a man on Interstate 25

Thorton Police fatally shot a man who jumped into oncoming traffic Monday morning after the man, according to the reports, showed a weapon to law enforcement.

Police closed North and Southbound lanes on I-25 between Thornton Parkway and 84th Avenue for several hours Monday morning after a man on the road was nearly hit by several incoming vehicles. 

 When police arrived at the scene, a report says officers shot and killed the man after he “produced a weapon.” The identity of the man has not yet been released. The police officer involved in the shooting was placed on investigative leave while the 17th judicial district critical incident team investigates the situation.


RTD rolls-out new fare system

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) is rolling out a new fare system this month, including an update to its mobile ticketing app. RTD transitioned its system during the month of August, when all rides were free. The rebranded system moves away from physical cards to a mobile app and online payment system. More information on the new fare system is available on the RTD website.



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    Headlines — September 6, 2022 Luis Licon

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