Headlines — September 28, 2022

September 28, 2022


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    Headlines — September 28, 2022 christian

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Denver Unveils A $250 Billion Plan To Address And Fix Homelessness

The City of Denver unveiled its latest plan to end homelessness at yesterday’s city council meeting. The five-year plan starts with a projected budget of $254 million [dollars] and calls for the creation and preservation of around 1700 affordable homes. 

The Denver office of Housing Stability hopes to increase the portion of permanently affordable housing stock in the city to 8 percent. 

The city’s plan faced criticisms from advocates who work directly with homeless populations as not going far enough considering the scope of the current crisis. 

Concerns Arise During Investigation Into Colorado’s Emergency Management Agency

Colorado Emergency’s Management Agency is facing scrutiny over a lack of transparency, a lack of diversity among personnel and complaints from employees about a pattern of inappropriate behavior by a supervisor. KGNU’s Kiara Demare has more. 

State documents showed that multiple employees for the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management expressed their concerns about budget practices, diversity and inclusion, and bad leadership.

The news and investigation comes after The Denver Post reported on a history of inappropriate behavior from a division director who was suspended twice in the span of 18 months. 

According to The Denver Post, behavior that led to suspension included the mistreatment of female staffers, throwing objects and intimidating workers to the point they thought it was going to get physical. 

The Colorado Emergency Management Agency’s purpose is to prevent and recover Colorado from hazardous events.

BVSD Board Supports LGBTQ And POC Inclusion And Universal Free Lunch

The Boulder Valley School District Board of Education discussed supporting two resolutions yesterday; one in favor of  universal free lunches for students and the other to expand core curriculum to include more history of underrepresented groups

The board decided to take up the latter issue after an examination of the social studies standards used by the district showed barely any inclusion of LGBTQ history and only some inclusion of Black and Latino history. This comes as school districts in some other states are moving to restrict or ban education about LGBTQ history and communities of color. Members of the BVSD school board expressed support for more inclusion so that children can have an accurate education on topics involving the history of these demographics.

The second resolution supports a ballot measure that would create a state fund to aid in the reimbursement of school districts for student meals. The measure – Proposition FF – calls for an adjustment to the tax code that would result in wealthier Coloradans paying for universal school meals for public school students. 

Youth Summit On Mental Health Set For Saturday At CU Boulder

The University of Colorado, Boulder will host a free youth mental health summit on Saturday, Oct. 1st from 9:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M at the University Memorial Center ballroom. An organization known as Inspire Youth Connections will host the summit. The event is meant for youth between the ages of 12 to 24 and will include free lunch, assorted performances, mental health workshops, and other activities.

A New Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Law Passed By Aurora’s City Council On Monday Aims To End Rising Shoplifting Rates

A narrow majority of Aurora’s City Council this week voted in favor of an ordinance that would mandate jail tail for any adult convicted of stealing more than $300 of retail goods from an Aurora store. The minimum sentence would be at least three days in the municipal jail. 

Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman says the ordinance comes after shop owners repeatedly raised concerns about an increase in retail theft and a low rate of shoplifting arrests. 

Four Council members voted against the measure arguing that sending people to jail will not fix the problem at large and adds another expense for the city. The Aurora Sentinel reports the ordinance includes a sunset provision that will require the group to revisit its effectiveness in two years. 

PepsiCo Beverages Opens Most Sustainable Manufacturing Facility In The U.S.

PepsiCo Beverages North America started development at its new 1.2 million square foot manufacturing facility at Denver High Point. The beverage corporation says the plant is due to open next year and will be PepsiCo’s largest and most sustainable outpost.

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    Headlines — September 28, 2022 christian

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