Headlines – September 27, 2023


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King Soopers Shooting Hearing

A hearing will be held today to decide if the 24-year-old man accused of killing ten people at the Boulder King Soopers is mentally competent to stand trial.

Mental health experts declared Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa mentally competent in August but his attorney challenged the evaluation, saying his schizophrenia caused him to be QUOTE “profoundly mentally ill”.

Alissa’s mental state has put the trial on pause for two years.


Powder Fentanyl Found In Boulder County

Boulder County Public Health, or BCPH, has issued a warning that powered fentanyl is circulating in illicit drug markets around Boulder.

Boulder PD found what they say are the first traces of powder fentanyl on Sep. 16 after responding to a suspected overdose death. BCHP says powder Fentanyl is spreading across the county and warns residents to be extra cautious by carrying Narcan and avoiding pills purchased from non-pharmacies. 

Fentanyl is a powerful opioid that is 100 times more potent than morphine, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.


Boulder County Launches Online Fire Safety Platform

Boulder County has launched a new online platform that warns residents of wildfires.

Boulder residents can monitor fire updates and evacuation notices for their neighborhood online or via a Genasys Protect App.

The platform alerts residents of fire incidents, similar to an amber alert. 

Director of Boulder County’s Office of Disaster Management, Mike Chard, say Genasys Protect will speed up the evacuation process.

Boulder County began using Genasys, previously known as Zonehaven, after the Marshall Fire. 


One-Third Of Election Officials Quit After Last Election, Report Finds

Since 2020, over a third of Colorado election officials have left their positions. That’s according to a report by Issue One, a bipartisan reform group based in Washington DC., released Tuesday.

 The group studied election worker turnover in 11 western states. They found that 40 percent of Colorado counties are going into this year’s election, without the election workers that served in 2020. 

The report attributes the widespread turnover to election denialism that has spurred conspiracy theories and made county clerks targets for on and offline harassment.  According to the Denver Post, while other states have had higher levels of turnover, the knowledge lost in Colorado amounts to 314 years of institutional training and election expertise.


Businessman Dumps Human Feces At Denver City And Council Building

Owner of Independent Institute, Jon Caldera threw human feces on the steps of the Denver City and Council Building on Monday after finding the feces outside of his business. 

He told CBS Colorado that he was tired of unhoused people using his property as a restroom. Caldera voiced his disdain with Mayor Mike Johnston’s approach to homelessness, saying jail time is the answer. 

The incident happened subsequent to the homeless encampment sweep at 8th Ave. and Logan St. 


Denver Airport Gets New Runway

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg paid a visit to the Denver International Airport Tuesday after the facility announced the addition of a runway intended to be safer than the traditional runways. 

Taxiway EE is 5,000 feet long and has enhanced LED lights to aid pilots in navigation. It eliminates a “hot spot” intersection, reducing the risk of aircraft collisions. 

The project was funded by the Federal Aviation Administration and amounted to $51 million. 


Boulder Requests For Input On Street Light Temperature

The City of Boulder is asking residents their preferences regarding street light color temperature. Via a QR code, residents can choose how cool or warm they’d like the streetlights to be. 

This is the first step in the city’s Streetlight Acquisition Project, intended to officially begin in 2024. Boulder’s street lights will be converted into LEDs in attempts to reduce carbon emissions and increase visibility for travelers. 

QR codes will be available in person at the Spruce Pool or south of the 28th St. and Iris intersection. The questionnaire will also be available online on Be Heard Boulder in both English and Spanish. 

Ivonne Olivas

Ivonne Olivas


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