Headlines — October 7, 2022

October 7, 2022


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FEMA Awards More Than $3.4 Million For Marshall Fire

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is allocating another $3.4 million [dollars] to the state of Colorado for Marshall fire recovery.

The agency plans to split the funds, with more than half going to the Colorado Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management for the fire-fight and recovery efforts. The remainder will go towards reimbursing the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control for Fire suppression. 

FEMA has thus far provided a total of $35 million [dollars] to Colorado for the aftermath of the Marshall Fire.


DACA Ruling Creates New Round of Uncertainty

A ruling this week by The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals deemed the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals – or DACA – policy unlawful, effectively locking new applicants out of protections against deportation. 

DACA provides a protected, renewable two-year status for qualifying recipients who arrived in the U.S. as children and comply with a list of requirements and regular background checks.

Around 14,000  DACA recipients live in Colorado. They are now held in a grace period with the looming fear of deportation as the challenge moves through the court system.

Colorado State Immigration Director of FWD.us (forward u. s.) Marissa Molina issued a statement calling on lawmakers to, “pass a pathway to citizenship”.

Second Arrest Made in University Hill Shooting; Police Increase Neighborhood Patrols

The Boulder Police Department arrested another man involved in the shooting on University Hill this past Sunday. KGNU’s Kiara Demare reports.

Police arrested an 18-year-old Wednesday on two felony charges of attempted murder and misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The suspect, identified as Gabriel Sharma, is in Boulder County jail held on a $500,000 bond. 

The Boulder District Attorney’s Office, Longmont Police and the Boulder County SWAT Team joined the Boulder police in a search warrant at Sharma’s home in Longmont.

Police say they recovered a semi-automatic rifle and revolver from the scene. Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold said the department, “will be increasing patrols and conducting other initiatives on University Hill.”

Biden Promises Cannabis Reform

 President Joe Biden announced yesterday that he has begun pardoning people in prison for marijuana possession convictions. 

After years of research and testimony from advocates who argue marijuana has fewer harmful effects than alcohol, Biden says that he is working to reclassify the drug. 


Maya Wiley, president and CEO of the Leadership conference on Civil and Human Rights said in a white house press release that reclassifying marijuana to a schedule 1 drug will be a step in ending the war on drugs.


“For too long, the so-called war on drugs has harmed communities of color,” said Wiley. “This action addresses the deep racial inequities that have ravaged neighborhoods. Most of these arrests come from underrepresented neighborhoods with communities of color. 


Colorado.gov State Web Portal Homepage Resumes Normal Operation After Cybersecurity Incident

The Colorado.gov State web portal is back online after a cybersecurity incident yesterday. The Governor’s Office of Information technology and State Emergency Operations Center got the website back online with assistance from the Statewide Internet Portal Authority.

The State’s website is actively being monitored and is a collaborative investigation between the state and its partners nationwide.


Joe Biden Will Designate Camp Hale A National Monument During Trip To Colorado Next Week

President Joe Biden will designate Camp Hale, near Leadville, a national monument during his trip to Colorado next week. The President’s trip, according to the Colorado Sun, comes in time for him to rally support for Democratic U.S Senator Michael Bennet for his November reelection bid. 

10th Mountain Division soldiers trained at Camp Hale before being sent off to battle during World War II. A meeting between Governor Jared Polis, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, and Senator Bennet led to a discussion of the possibility of executive action on getting Camp Hale protected.

An anonymous reporter for the Colorado Sun confirmed the president’s arrangements on visiting the state this coming Wednesday.













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