Headlines — October 26, 2022

October 26, 2022


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    Headlines — October 26, 2022 christian

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DPS Releases List Of Schools Recommended For Closure

Denver Public Schools released an official list yesterday that recommends the closure of 10 schools for the 2023-2024 school year. The district cites recent budget shortfalls and declining enrollments at each of these schools. The schools on the list either have fewer than 215 students or fewer than 275 students and are currently projected to keep declining.

The schools on the closure recommendation list include Columbian Elementary, Palmer Elementary, Math Science Leadership Academy, Schmitt Elementary, Eagleton Elementary, Fairview Elementary, International Academy of Denver at Harrington, Denver Discovery School, and Whittier K-8.

The closure of the schools would affect more than 1,700. 

DPS will present the closure plan on Nov. 3 to a board of education, while the vote for the closure will happen on Nov. 17.

Upset Parents Ask Boulder Valley To Review After Alleged School Threat

The upset parents of students that attend school in the Boulder Valley School District attended a school board meeting last night in which they requested that board members review the policy on school safety after the arrest of a former student that made violent threats to Fairview High School.

The parents specifically requested that they review the communication policy between students and faculty and that they return the school resource officers. BVSD voted to remove police resource officers after years of debate for the first time this year. They denied requests to reinstate a school resource officer at last night’s meeting but said they would consider reviewing communication policies between students and faculty. 

Denver Pauses E-bike Rebate Program For Rest Of 2022

Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency announced this week that they will pause the release of new e-bike vouchers for the rest of the year. The announcement comes after the popularity of the e-bike vouchers overwhelmed the program. 

The $9 million in subsidies were meant to last at least three years but were used up in the first 6 months of the program. 

Denver officials say they will relaunch a reconfigured program with increased funding next year. 

They say part of the new plan focuses on making sure low-income citizens will benefit more from the program. 

Colorado officials are also working on a statewide version of the program that will cost about $12 million and will work outside of the Denver city limits. According to the Colorado Sun, that program will begin in early 2023. 

Trump Allies Are Targeting Colorado’s Latino Voters With Anti-Transgender Messaging Using Spanish Mailers And Radio Ads

Latino voters across Colorado and Greeley found transphobic political mailers in their mailboxes this week. According to the Colorado Sun, Stephen Miller, a former aide to Trump, leads the dark money nonprofit that has begun targeting Latino voters in the largely Democratic areas. The campaign also includes radio ads. 

Latino residents report that the transphobic mailers include a photo of Rachel Levine, a Biden appointee and the first transgender person to hold a federal office with a note saying President Biden and his liberal allies “are pushing radical and irreversible gender experiments on children.”

Latino voters make up nearly 39% of the electorate population in the 8th District, spanning from northeast Denver suburbs into Greely. The Spanish-language mailers and radio ads are a way to target Latino voters with misinformation to sway the upcoming election results. 


Douglas County Deputies Kill 2 In RTD Shootout

Douglas County Deputies killed 2 people at an RTD station this morning. The Douglas county sheriff’s offices announced in an early morning tweet that officers were patrolling the RTD Lincoln Station Parking Lot in Lonetree when they saw a suspicious Black Kia without a license plate and the locks punched out. When deputies approached the vehicle, suspects opened fire. Six deputies fired back at the two suspects in the car. They were both killed. 

A deputy was transported with minor injuries. The department later tweeted the vehicle in question had been stolen. 



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    Headlines — October 26, 2022 christian




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