Headlines — November 2, 2022

November 2, 2022


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SUV That Allegedly Shot Six People

A mass shooting on East Colfax resulted in the death of one person and the wounding of five others Tuesday afternoon. Three of the wounded are in critical condition.

The shooting occurred around 1:50 PM on the 1400 block of Verbena Street. Denver Police say they found out about the shooting through their Shotspotter surveillance system as well as numerous 911 calls from the area. 

Denver Police Commander Matt Clark gave further details at a media briefing Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the suspects fled eastbound on Colfax, abandoned their car, and then got into a black SUV. An employee at a motel near the scene of the shooting told the Denver Post he heard between 20 and 30 gunshots fired during the incident.

The DPD has begun searching for the identity of the shooters, as well as the motive behind why they shot the victims.

Domestic Violence Shooting In Aurora

The Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office has identified the victims of a fatal shooting that occurred Sunday night.

 Authorities are calling the murders at a house near the intersection of East 10th Avenue and Geneva street “an ongoing domestic situation.”

The coroner’s office identified three of the victims as members of the same family and the fourth as a renter in their home. The suspect is the ex-boyfriend of the sister and daughter of two of the victims. Those same two victims – a father and daughter – had filed for protection orders against the suspected murderer a week prior to the incident.

Lakewood Apartment Fire

A mother and her 10-year-old daughter died in an apartment fire that started early Monday morning.

 Police are investigating two juvenile suspects they believe intentionally started the fire in the 32-unit Tiffany Square apartments on Sheridan Blvd. 

The fire, which began early Monday morning, damaged 14 units and killed 31-year-old Kathleen Payton and her 10-year-old daughter, Jazmine Payton-Aguayo. 

9 residents and 1 firefighter were injured in the fire. Three of the residents are still hospitalized. According to the Denver Post, occupants of all 32 units continue to be displaced. 

In a news release, Lakewood police said, “It appears that the fire was intentionally set, and a full homicide investigation is underway,” 

The two suspects- who haven’t been identified because they’re under the age of 18- will face first-degree murder and first-degree arson charges.

Jared Polis’s Colorado Budget

Governor Jared Polis presented his 2023-2024 budget Tuesday–days before the Colorado midterm election, where he is up against Republican Heidi Ganahl.

Colorado Law requires that Polis release a November budget, and lawmakers say a more realistic breakdown in spending will come in January after the election. 

In the meantime, Polis’s budget increases state spending by nearly seven percent – which, in a statement, he said is still below inflation rates.  As many sources of federal and state Pandemic relief funding slow, 

GOv. Polis said he warned the state should prepare for a recession.  In this week’s budget proposal, Polis maintained a 15 percent general fund saying in a statement that Coloradans should prepare for an uncertain future. According to The Denver Post, he said in a press release that the state needs to prepare for unknowns, “ It’s not always a fun thing to do, but it’s fiscally prudent and a sound thing to do.”

Douglas County School District Funding Measures 

Douglas county voters will decide on two major funding measures next week. The county’s School leaders are encouraging voters to pass a $60 million mill levy override and a $450 million bond for their school district. The mill levy override, Ballot Measure 5A, would increase teachers’ salaries in the district by 9%.

Douglas county school district has struggled to compete with neighboring districts, like Cherry Creek School District, where teachers are paid an average salary close to $20,000 more. 

To pay for a teacher raise, the county would increase property tax. The ballot measure proposes to tax homeowners $1/week for every 100k of home value. local homeowners would pay an extra dollar per week for every $100,000 of home value. 

 Measure 5B increases the district’s debt by $450 million. According to CBS news, the money would go toward opening new schools while maintaining older ones with better training programs and security upgrades. School leaders say taxpayers wouldn’t see any tax increase from 5B– if they don’t pass it, they would see a tax decrease.

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    Headlines — November 2, 2022 kiara




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