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Colorado House Passes TABOR Refund Bill

Colorado Democrats introduced last-minute legislation over the weekend that would alter the payout terms of the 2023 TABOR Refund. House Bill 1311, which passed along party lines on Sunday, would create a flat tax return rate, rather than scale the refunds based on income.

 One of the bill’s sponsors told The Colorado Sun that presenting 1311 was put off until the property tax bill details had been finalized. Republican representatives expressed disapproval for the bill’s sudden appearance on the schedule and whirlwind passage.

Taxpayers will have the final say in the November ballot. If Proposition HH passes, single filers will receive a little more that $650, while joint filers will get around $1,300.

Agricultural Organizations Urge Polis to Sign Bills Related To Wolf-Livestock Loss 

Governor Jared Polis will consider two key, bipartisan bills that would help compensate ranchers when wolves kill or injure their animals.

Senate Bill 255 would establish a reimbursement fund for wolf attacks. But for that bill to be set in motion, Senate Bill 256 needs the governor’s signature as well. Bill 256 would require that a so-called 10(j) Rule be put in place before wolves are introduced to the Western Slope. 

The 10(j) Rule is standard in other states with wolf reintroductions because it provides wildlife officials the ability to manage the wolf population, even though the wolves would be protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Agricultural organizations want both bills in place. The complementary bills mirror the terms of Proposition 114, which Coloradans approved in the 2020 election.

Colorado House Committee Rejects Drug-Induced Homicide Bill

The House Judiciary Committee has rejected a bipartisan Senate Bill that would have expanded punishment for drug dealers or anyone responsible for distributing illegal drugs to a person who then dies from an overdose of those drugs. 

Opponents said that while the overdose crisis needs to be addressed, “drug-induced homicide” laws don’t work because they tend to punish the friends and families of victims instead of stopping the illegal drug trade.

Lawmakers wanted to expand on a bill passed in 2022 that makes it a felony to provide someone with fentanyl that causes an overdose death. 

Colorado To Distribute $2.7M From Turbo-Tax Settlement

A Turbo Tax settlement will distribute about $2.7 million dollars to eligible Colorado consumers. Attorney General Phil Weiser announced Colorado customers will receive distributions from a nationwide TurboTax settlement that was signed in 2020 by all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

TurboTax is accused of deceiving over 89,000 Coloradans into paying to file taxes when they were eligible to receive a free service.

Settlement checks will be mailed automatically throughout May 2023 without customers having to file a claim. Most people will receive about $30. The amount of each check will be calculated on the number of tax years customers qualify for.

Six Injured In HVAC Collapse At Gaylord Rockies Resort

Six people were injured at a Marriott resort in Aurora Saturday when HVAC equipment collapsed in an indoor swimming pool area. In a press release, Aurora officials said between 50 and 100 guests were at the aquatics center when the accident occurred.

The wounded hotel guests were transported to nearby hospitals, two with life-threatening injuries.

Adams County Seeking Its First Poet Laureate

Adams County is teaming up with Anythink Libraries to find its first poet laureate for a two-year residency. The poet laureate will present work at county events like the Anythink concert series.

Applications are open until May 14th. Any Colorado resident with a connection to Adams County is eligible for the position, which comes with a $40,000 stipend.

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    Headlines – May 8, 2023 benita




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