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    Headlines – March 23, 2023 Alyssa Palazzo

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Wounded Denver High School Staffer Released From Hospital

The search for a 17-year-old suspect in a shooting at Denver’s East High School ended in Park County last night, near the town of Bailey, with the discovery of a body near a car believed to be the suspect’s. While there has been no official identification, authorities did lift a shelter-in-place order for the immediate vicinity.

Discovery of the body came after a day-long search. A law enforcement source told 9News that it is the suspect’s body, and that he appears to have taken his own life.

One of two East High School staffers wounded in yesterday’s shooting has been released from the hospital, while another remains hospitalized in critical condition after surgery.

Police say a 17 year-old student identified as Austin Lyle shot two men as they searched him for weapons. The student was required to submit to searches to enter the building. Police say the student fled the area after the shooting, prompting a large-scale search.

School officials said the suspect was searched daily because of his past behavior, and that so-called “safety plans,” such as those searches, are common.

Classes at East High School are canceled for the rest of this week but will resume after spring break, which begins Monday.

Gun Safety Bill Hearing

After the shooting, Governor Jared Polis said students and teachers deserve safe schools, and parents deserve peace of mind that their kids are safe in the classroom.

The incident has renewed calls for the passage of gun safety laws in Colorado…

For more on this story, listen to today’s Morning Magazine.

King Soopers Shooting Anniversary

The shooting at East High School came on the two-year anniversary of the mass shooting at a King Soopers store, where ten people were killed including Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley, as well as King Soopers employees and customers.

Etown Hall on Spruce street hosted a Boulder Strong Day of Remembrance gathering. About 200 people came out to acknowledge the collective trauma and the lost lives. 

Attendees included Boulder Mayor Aaron Brockett, and Governor Polis. The mayor said the city is committed to supporting all those whose lives were impacted by the tragedy. 

Ellen Mahoney, whose husband Kevin died in the shooting, said the lessons of King Soopers include the need to address mental health issues and ban assault weapons

A suspect was arrested immediately after the shootings but has not stood trial, after being ruled incompetent.

Colorado Starbucks Strikes

Starbucks Workers in four Colorado stores joined over 100 nationwide stores yesterday in a strike demanding basic rights against the Seattle based Company. 

Denver, Colorado Springs and Superior Starbucks workers joined other nationwide workers in yesterday’s strike in what Starbucks Workers United called a national day of action. The Westminster store workers have announced they have unionized, joining more than 280 Starbuck stores nationwide.

Starbucks Workers United joined together Wednesday to demand basic rights like livable wages with consistent scheduling, safe and respectful workplaces, and the right to organize free from fear and intimidation as pressure mounts from what Starbucks Workers United says is the company’s illegal union busting.

Yesterday’s strike comes before the company shareholders vote on whether to do an assessment of Starbucks labor practices at today’s annual shareholders meeting.

The protest also came one week before former Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz is set to testify before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions about the illegal anti-union bullying campaign he spearheaded that has included numerous labor law violations, according to several National Labor Relations Board judges. Schultz only agreed to testify under threat of subpoena.

Hospital Bills Proposal

State lawmakers announced yesterday they have revised a measure intended to limit unexpected hospital bills in Colorado. A restructured House Bill 12-15 aims to address facility fees and improve transparency for consumers.

Facility fees are defined as charges that come in addition to those for actual services, often to the surprise of the patient. They can be from hundreds to thousands of dollars on top of expected fees.

In a press release issued yesterday, lawmakers said they revised the bill after listening to the concerns of consumers, providers, and hospitals.

Avalanche Warnings

Avalanche warnings have been issued through parts of western Colorado.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center posted “high” and “extreme” avalanche warnings Wednesday. They identified areas in the San Juan and Sangre de Cristo mountains as being especially dangerous.

People are being advised to avoid all potential avalanche terrain.

At least ten skiers have been caught in avalanches in Colorado since last Friday, and two of them died.

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    Headlines – March 23, 2023 Alyssa Palazzo

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