Headlines — March 16, 2023

March 16, 2023


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    Headlines — March 16, 2023 Alyssa Palazzo

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Brighton Police Arrest Three Suspects In Response To Shooting Near High School 

Brighton Police responded to reports of gunfire near Brighton High School early Wednesday afternoon, with a victim taking themself to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. The shooting prompted several Brighton schools to go under secure status. As police responded to the shooting, a vehicle matching the description of the suspect’s led them to the vicinity of Prairie View High School where they arrested two suspects. Police also arrested a third suspect a short time later. 

Brighton police would not confirm if the arrests involved high school students but a late afternoon update by the school district said the incident involved a few students from Innovations and Options, Prairie View, and Brighton High Schools.

Cultivando Air Pollution Study Reveals Radioactive Particles Downwind Of Suncor Refinery 

Cultivando, a Latino-led Adams County nonprofit advocating for health equity issues, has presented the findings from their air monitoring study near the Commerce City Suncor Refinery. The study revealed the detection of radioactive particles at the monitoring station located downwind from the refinery. Detlev Helmig, the scientist who operates the monitoring station, said no one had airborne radioactive particles on their radar and the particles need more study to determine the source and amounts. 

Cultivando’s year-long monitoring also evaluated benzene, sulfur dioxide, soot, and other particulate matter released by Suncor and other Commerce City businesses, including two propane distributors. Among the findings, the study found higher concentrations of pollutants at night, sudden spikes in the winter, and multiple pollutants mixing in the air at the same time. 

During Wednesday’s news conference, Cultivando’s executive director, Olga Gonzalez, criticized the state health department and the Environmental Protection Agency for not holding Suncor and other polluters accountable for air quality violations.

Aurora City Council Approves Purchase Of Greeley Farm And Associated Water Rights

Earlier this week the Aurora City Council approved the purchase of farmland near Greeley and the property’s associated water rights in a $7.75 million sale that could close by the end of the month. The proposed acquisition is under agreement with WETCO Farms. Aurora is funding the acquisition through its Capital Improvement Program and Water Fund.

Alex Davis, Aurora’s Deputy Director for Water Resources, told the Denver Gazette, Aurora makes similar acquisitions roughly three to four times a year with the intent to provide its citizens with drinking water. Davis also told the Denver Gazette Aurora’s water supplies are under pressure from climate change, aridification and population growth.

Nederland Police Department To Close Up Shop 

The Town of Nederland is contracting with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office after a failed attempt to rebuild its local police departmentFollowing a series of resignations last year, Nederland is shutting down its police department. Nederland’s Deputy Town Marshal Jennifer Fine-Loven resigned from the police department  in September of last year despite a tax increase to beef up law enforcement recruitment and retention passed earlier in the year. The town attempted to fill the slot but after months of searching and more than 70 applications, they chose a top candidate who then decided not to take the job. Mayor Billy Giblin said the withdrawal put Nederland back at square one. 

Nederland previously partnered with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office for supplemental night and weekend shift coverage. The Boulder County Sheriff’s office will now exclusively police the town. 

Giblin told the Boulder Daily Camera the contraction of the police force was not an easy decision saying, “the community wanted the police department to happen too, but, unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem like the prudent choice to make at this point.”

Car Theft Data Shows Thieves Are Targeting Late Model Kias And Hyundais

The total theft of late model Kias and Hyundais has increased 82 percent from 2021 to 2022. That’s according to a recent analysis by the Colorado State Patrol, the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority, the Colorado Division of Insurance and the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles. The report says thieves are not targeting Kia and Hyundai models with touchless FOB ignition systems as much as models that start with a physical key. The agencies also report that due to the targeted theft of the models some major auto insurance carriers are no longer insuring Kias and Hyundais and they are urging vehicle owners to consider free manufacturer updates or other installed equipment that can improve vehicle security or deter theft. 

Boulder Police Offering Free Catalytic Converter Etching Kits To Residents

The Boulder Police Department will be giving out free catalytic converter etching kits for Boulder residents by appointment on March 23 and March 29. Residents can sign up at lockdownyourcar.org/events. The department says they cannot accept walk-ins but anticipate more events in the future. 

According to a Wednesday tweet by Boulder Police, the top five vehicle models in the past 90 days  that are seeing the most catalytic converter thefts in Boulder are Toyota Prius, Honda Pilot, Toyota Sequoia, Jeep Cherokee, and Toyota Tundra. 

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    Headlines — March 16, 2023 Alyssa Palazzo

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