Headlines — July 25, 2022

July 25, 2022


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    Headlines — July 25, 2022 Luis Licon

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Superior To Vote On Rebuilding Codes

The Town Board of Superior will meet tonight to discuss Marshall Fire recovery and other local matters. On the agenda is a public hearing on an ordinance to modify codes for rebuilding the Sagamore neighborhood.

The Marshall Fire significantly damaged the Sagamore subdivision. The planned development changes call for more stringent fire resiliency regulations requiring ignition-resistant materials and changed landscape design. Tonight’s meeting is both in-person and online at www.superiorcolorado.gov/home.

24-story Largely Vacant Downtown Denver Office Building Will Go Up For Auction

A vacant building in downtown Denver will be on the auction block next month.

Goldman Sachs currently owns the 24-story “DC building” on 17th street, and Unico Properties has mainly been vacant for the past several years. The Denver Post reports the bidding starts at 9 million dollars, and the auction will close after two days.

Four hundred Wild Horses Were Captured In The First Week Of Helicopter Round-Ups By The Bureau of Land Management.

Last week, the Bureau of Land Management rounded up over 400 wild horses in Western Colorado. The Bureau hired cowboys and pilots to thin out the mustang population where officials said the wild horses were damaging the public land. Advocates for the horses have called to end the helicopter roundup after some horses died in the BLM’s care,

Grace Kuhn, a representative of The American Wild Horse Campaign, said to The Colorado Sun that the BLM has not been transparent about how the 140 federally protected animals died in its care and how it will prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. “We believe the situation is dire, and time is of the essence,” she said.

Gov. Jared Polis and Rep. Joe Neguse have voiced their opposition to the helicopter roundups. Neguse introduced legislation to remove funding, saying he was “deeply concerned about BLM moving forward.” BLM is planning to round up about 350 more mustangs in this area.

This Colorado Town Is Fighting To Stay Authentic Among Corporate-Run Resort Destinations.

Granby, a small mountain town west of Winter Park, has launched a new “anti-corporate” tourist campaign focusing on the community’s independence.

According to the Denver Post, the Granby Chamber of Commerce came up with the idea of “independence” after a July 4th survey that found residents widely dread replicating Summit County and other commercialized resort areas. A shop sign reads, “We have everything you need, but not everything you want,”

Granby residents continue reiterating that Granby is a hometown, not a cooperation. Many small Colorado mountain towns fall to the idea of tourists running their economy. The independence campaign will encourage short stays and spending money that will stay in Granby by offering an alternative to the amusement park atmosphere in resorts while promoting a way to connect to nature truly.

Boulder Celebrates The Life Of Former County Clerk Clela Rorex

On Saturday at Boulder’s Jewish Community Center, a line-up of Democratic politicians spoke at Clela Rorex’s Celebration of life. Boulder County Commissioner Claire Levy, Boulder Mayor Aaron Brockett, Representative Joe Neguse, and Gov. Jared Polis all gave speeches.

Rorex, who died on June 19, was a gay rights activist and lifelong Democratic Party supporter. In 1975, serving as a newly elected Boulder County Clerk, she became the first clerk in the nation to knowingly certify a marriage certificate for a same-sex couple.

Before the Colorado attorney general ordered her to stop, Rorex issued six same-sex marriages. She issued those marriage licenses 40 years before same-sex marriage became legal across the United States. All of those licenses are still valid today.

Boulder designated Saturday, July 23, 2022, Clela Rorex day–it would have also been Rorex’s 79th birthday.

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    Headlines — July 25, 2022 Luis Licon

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Dedicated student, passionate about government relations and social issues. Currently an Intern at KGNU Community Radio as a Bilingual Reporter attending the University of Colorado Boulder.

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