Headlines — July 21, 2022

July 21, 2022


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Follow Up On LoDo Police Shooting

Details are emerging about a police shooting that injured six people this weekend near Coors Field in downtown Denver. Police fired shots into a crowd of people outside of a Larimer Beer Hall reportedly in response to seeing a man brandishing a gun. Six people – five bystanders and the man who allegedly flashed a gun – were wounded and hospitalized. 

Bystanders hurt in the shooting have told reporters they first learned through the media their gunshot wounds resulted from police fire. 

A Denver law firm has filed an official complaint to the Police department on behalf of two of the people who police shot. So far, Police are refusing to release body cam footage despite a new Colorado law that requires police to share footage within 21 days of an incident.

Series Of Events Will Honor Victims Of Aurora Movie Theater Shooting

Multiple events this week will commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Aurora theater mass shooting. The gunman killed twelve people and wounded dozens more. 

The commemorative events include The Hero’s Journey 5K this Saturday at the RTD Aurora Metro Center Station, a Reflection Ceremony, which includes the reading of the names of the victims, at the Aurora Municipal Center, 15151 E. Alameda Parkway, and an Immersive audio/visual event called Metamorphosis, also at the Aurora Municipal Center.

Bomb Threat Briefly Shuts Down State Capitol Building

The Colorado State Patrol evacuated the state capitol building in Denver yesterday in response to a bomb threat. In a statement published on Twitter, capitol police say the evacuation measure was, “out of an abundance of caution for a bomb threat while security personnel determines the credibility of the threat.” 

Police gave the all-clear and reopened the building just under an hour later after dogs and security swept the building. Colorado State Police indicate they received word of the threat from another agency.

Firefighter Volunteer Executive Order

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed an executive order to support volunteer firefighters and emergency responders this week. The order calls for state agencies to provide 5 days of paid leave for employees who volunteer to protect communities in danger of wildfires. This order comes after wildfire experts say that “fire season is now year-round.

Gov. Polis is encouraging many employers all across the state to do the same. By adding more volunteers to the fleet of state firefighters, response time to wildfires could be shortened to combat fires. “Out here on the Eastern Plains, we rely on any resources we can get, and having the extra manpower will allow for more resources with equipment and personnel,” says Russ Watson, Kiowa County Fire Protection District Chief.

Frederick Network Hack

The City of Frederick raised alarm bells this week after finding unauthorized network usage in their network. In collaboration with the FBI, town officials discovered a group known for ransomware attacks had hacked into the network. They are continuing to investigate whether the hack compromised any confidential information but say they have secured the network and will continue to update residents. 
Setbacks On Rocky Flats Trails Reopening Will Not Deter Efforts To Protect the Community From Contamination At Former Bomb Plant Site

Organizations seeking to stop the reopening of a site once used to manufacture nuclear weapons expressed disappointment after a federal appeals court decided not to order a further review of environmental and public health issues.   

In a press release, The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center stated it will continue to support legal challenges to the reopening of the Rocky Flats site and continue to – quote – “educate the public about the site’s dangers to visiting adults, school children, and residents of nearby communities including Broomfield and Westminster..” 

Parts of the site near Golden, CO remain on the nation’s listing of Superfund sites.

Denver To Expand Innovation Services For Entrepreneurs

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock announced plans to develop a new innovation station for entrepreneurs this week. The space will offer free wifi, opportunities for entrepreneurs to collaborate, tech programming,  and spaces to make physical products, 

According to Denver’s innovation and entrepreneurship director Michael Bevis, the space will be about 20,00 square feet.

Bevis hopes the building will allow more entrepreneurs to develop and bring their ideas to life.

North 79th Street Closed Between Lookout Road And CO 52 Tomorrow

The Public Works Department’s Road Maintenance Division will temporarily shut down North 79th Street today from 7 AM to 5 PM today which is located between Lookout Road and CO 52. The Road Maintenance Division will close the street in order to complete paving operations along the road. The road will be closed to all commuters except for residents of the area. To find out more about the closure, detours, and other projects, visit the Boulder County website.

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    Headlines — July 21, 2022 kiara




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