Headlines — July 18, 2022

July 18, 2022


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Heat Advisory In Effect

A heat advisory will be in effect across the Front Range today starting at 10 AM to at least 9 PM tonight. The temperature is forecasted to reach up to 105 degrees in some parts of the Denver metro area. The National Weather Service is advising residents to drink plenty of fluids, seek shelter in air-conditioned spaces, stay out of the sun, and check up on relatives and neighbors.

Denver Police Officers Involved In Multiple Shootings In LoDo

In pursuit of what they say was an armed suspect, police opened fire in a crowded bar area of Denver’s entertainment district Saturday night. Multiple sources say the target, Jordan Waddy, had a gun but did not fire it. 

At the scene, police fired at 21-year-old Waddy, who was injured and is expected to recover.  

Denver police say they are investigating whether bullet fragments from the police’s shots injured 5 bystanders. 

The three officers who opened fire, whose names have not been released, were placed on administrative leave, according to The Colorado Sun. This is standard practice in a pending investigation. 

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Colorado State Patrol, and Denver Office of the Independent Monitor is assisting with the investigation into the shooting. The Denver District Attorney’s Office is also investigating the shooting.

Marshall Fire Victims Protest Louisville Use Tax

A group of Louisville residents protested Saturday against a tax for those who lost their homes to the Marshall Fire. They say the “use tax” disproportionately burdens the 550 Marshall Fire victims. According to The Daily Camera, Louisville’s Use Tax is intended to fund rebuilding efforts. But protesters noticed that the tax revenues have also gone to funding the city’s open spaces, recreation center, and historical sites. 

Fire victims said they now must pay over $20,000 on average in use taxes, which protesters cited as an unfair burden for the 6% of residents who lost their homes.

A petition that gained over 1,100 signatures proposed a rebate for those who independently rebuild their homes and a rebate on all use tax funds that went to broader city purposes, rather than directly toward rebuilding homes. 

The Use Tax is expected to be a topic of discussion at the scheduled Louisville city council meeting tomorrow evening.

Lyons Art Fest Returns To River Bend After COVID 

The Lyons Art Festival has returned after a two-year COVID-19 hiatus. Boulder County Arts Alliance, Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission, and the town of Lyons all collaborated to bring the event back. The festival drew nearly 40 artists, and several food trucks to the Lyons Farmette and River Bend space.

Former Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission board member Mystie Brackett, told The Daily Camera, “Lyons is basically an art town, whether it’s a visual art, or music, art is the weft of Lyons. And it’s important we get back out and reconnect with the arts.” 

Mandatory Evacuation Order Lifted In Red Feather Lakes

A fire in Red Feathers Lake prompted evacuation orders in Northern Colorado Sunday night. 

The fire started in a cabin, spread to a second cabin, and burned about 100 feet into an open space before firefighters contained the burn area. There are no reported injuries and residents were allowed to return to their homes after a 3-hour mandatory evacuation.

Downed Plane Sparks Fire, Prompts Evacuation Notice

A plane crashed in Lefthand Canyon on Sunday morning, killing at least one of its four passengers and starting a small fire. According to The Colorado Sun, a Cessna T337G crashed about 21 miles west of Boulder at 9:30 AM.

An evacuation notice was put in place for surrounding residents that lasted an hour. The fire grew to one acre and was then put out. The identities of those on the plane have not been released yet.

Jury Acquits Former Chatfield High Athletic Director 

Craig Auckland, a Jefferson County High School coach, was accused of not reporting sexual misconduct between students last summer. He resigned following a criminal summons last fall that accused him of failing to meet the state’s mandatory reporting laws. Aukland’s attorney, Charles Nicholas, said Tuesday on behalf of Auckland. “This case highlights the inadequacies of Colorado’s mandatory reporter law, which are recognized by professionals on all sides of the issue,.” Both the principal and Auckland were put on paid administrative leave following the incident.


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    Headlines — July 18, 2022 kiara

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