Headlines — August 3, 2022

August 3, 2022


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Boulder County Bans Assault Weapons, Enacts Other Gun Violence Prevention Measures

Boulder County commissioners unanimously approved a series of ordinances yesterday aimed at preventing gun violence. The measures include a ban on the sale, transfer, and purchase of assault weapons and raising the purchase age for a firearm to 21. The new age restriction pertains only to purchase, not possession.

Other measures are similar to ordinances recently approved by the cities within Boulder County. A group opposed to restrictions on firearms, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, has filed a lawsuit against the town of Superior over their new laws.

Anti-Abortion Ballot Measure Fails In Kansas

Kansas voters yesterday rejected a ballot measure that proposed amending the state constitution to strip access to reproductive healthcare rights enshrined within. That means Kansas will not join other states bordering Colorado mulling restrictions or bans on abortion.

Colorado has seen a rise in patients seeking abortions since the US Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade ruling. Many of those patients are coming from other states that quickly instituted bans or restrictions via so-called trigger laws.

The Kansas ballot question was the first electoral test of voter sentiment on reproductive rights since the Supreme Court ruling earlier this summer. Supporters of reproductive rights are calling the victory a landslide with voters turning out against restrictions by a wide margin.

East Colfax Community Calls For Police Accountability In Wake Of Resident’s Murder

Residents in the East Colfax community will convene a community forum today calling for police accountability in the wake of a shooting that killed a respected community leader. 

East Colfax Neighborhood Association Board Member Ma Kaing was shot and killed by a stray bullet while unloading groceries in front of her apartment building last month. 

Residents held a forum with police and elected officials shortly thereafter to express their concerns about public safety and ambulance response times in East Colfax. They demand that public safety agencies resolve issues in the 911 system that route East Colfax calls to Aurora, install high quality cameras and increase foot patrols at New Freedom park. They also want an investigation into the cultural competency of 911 dispatchers responding to calls from the largely immigrant and refugee community.

Today’s meeting in East Colfax will be their second public forum with law enforcement officials to hear plans to deal with public safety issues in the community.

BVSD School Board Update On Bond Issue Ballot Measure 

The Boulder Valley school board updated the community Tuesday on a project list for a capital construction bond issue worth  $350 million. The issue is planned for the November election.

This would increase the Boulder Valley school district’s debt limit from about $1.6 billion to about $4 billion. 

According to The Daily Camera, projects would include a new building for New Vista High School, a new school to relieve overcrowding at Erie’s Meadowlark School, and about $36 million to expand technical and vocational education. The board is set to vote at its Aug. 9 meeting.

Boulder County Secures Funding To Expand Mental Health Diversion Program 

The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office has acquired funding to help expand upon its current mental health diversion program. The DA’s Office started the program back in 2018 as a means to help people who get arrested get screened for mental health treatment and help prevent them from engaging in criminal activities.

The DA’s Office hopes to use the funding to help create a second behavioral health navigator so that more people can be helped. These programs would help stabilize the lives of these patients by providing access to resources such as mental health and substance use treatment, Medicaid, housing, and other basic needs.

The program has since helped 121 people since its creation and 92% of these people have completed the program, have their charges dismissed, and continue with a normal routine.

City Offering $2.15M In Grants To Activate Neighborhoods, Increase Foot traffic, And Boost Small Businesses 

Denver Economic Development and Opportunity urges people to eat and shop locally and supports neighborhood businesses by investing 2.15 million of federal pandemic recovery funds into Denver’s most impacted neighborhoods.  The city’s program is now accepting applications from businesses, nonprofits, and community groups to give between $20,000-$200,00 for qualified activities. 

This funded project is expected to serve marginalized populations and is on a fast track. Applications are now open for grants and are due by august 25th and should be delivered by the end of the year.  The budget is from Denver’s allocation of federal American recovery plan act funds.

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