Growing Comedy Scene in Boulder

eTown is a radio program and podcast that features musical artists, and social and environmental changemakers. However, this is their first year in the comedy scene. Cody Spyker, the host of eTown Comedy Live, talked to KGNU’s Ginger Perry about their new event series at their most recent show.


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    Growing Comedy Scene in Boulder KGNU News


Spyker said the first and second shows of eTown’s Live Comedy show sold out, illustrating the popularity of the live comedy scene. She said she knows a lot of the comics in the Boulder area, and she hopes to bring different styles to the show, so everyone in the audience has a reason to laugh.

“To give comedians who are just working really hard, very funny people, pleasant to work with, professional, to give them a stage like eTown, is a gift that I can give back to my community,” said Spyker.

The headliner from the second show was John (Hippie Man) Novosad, who Spyker calls a staple in the Boulder comedic scene.

Novosad says his humor is self-deprecating, but he also has a few jokes left over from the days when he was known as Hippie Man. He still uses his Colorado roots as fodder for jokes, particularly the recent legalization of marijuana. “It’s changed my life, now the marijuana is legal. I get up in the morning, smoke a bowl, and go the park and play dog with my Frisbee—Frank.”

John Davis, who performed at a recent eTown Comedy Live describes his sense of humor as observational, but he also creates jokes that comment on the current political climate. He also said that Boulder is an excellent city to break into comedy.

The next eTown Comedy Live show happens on Friday, February 2nd with Nancy Norton, Ryan Nowell, Allison Rose & Greg Ellis, hosted by Cody Spyker.

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    Growing Comedy Scene in Boulder KGNU News

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