Ghost gun ban lawsuit; Denver District Attorney reopens cold cases



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Gun Groups Sue Polis Over Gun Ban

Several gun rights groups filed a lawsuit Monday against Gov. Jared Polis after he introduced a new law that bans “ghost guns.” Ghost guns are unserialized guns and gun parts.

The ban, which was signed into law in June, makes it a misdemeanor to possess, sell or create these untraceable weapons.

The National Association for Gun Rights, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and three individual Colorado gun owners filed the suit, saying the ban is unconstitutional and doesn’t comport with the regulation of firearms throughout US history. 

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners have fought against two other gun safety measures, which include gun purchasers being 21 years old or older and the requirement of a three-day waiting period between the purchase and the possession of a gun.

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CU Boulder AI Software

CU Boulder researchers have developed an AI tool that reads college admissions essays and eliminates bias. 

To create the AI tool, the developers partnered with Common App, a widely used college application website, and replicated human evaluations from essays written by applicants in 2008 and 2009.

After several tests, the software came up with similar scores as the human scores and correctly identified traits like leadership and working well with others. It also correctly predicted if the applicant had graduated based on the essay.

The developers say the AI isn’t a replacement for the admissions officers, but rather a checks and balances system that detects bias from the officers. Developers are continuing to refine the software and have not released it to the public. 

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Denver Gets 500k For Cold Cases

The Denver District Attorney’s Office has received a $500k federal grant to investigate cold cases. 

The grant will pay for a cold case attorney and allow scientists at the Denver Police Crime Lab to work more hours. 

According to 9News, the DA’s office has received grants for cold cases previously, but this time the money is allocated to cases that have already been closed. 

They will also investigate cases in which a person claims to be innocent and reevaluate the conviction. 

DA Beth McCann says the office will focus on giving answers to victims’ families after decades of waiting. 

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Funeral Worker Licensure Recommendation

A report from the Colorado Funeral Directors Association recommends that all funeral home workers graduate from an accredited mortuary sciences school, pass an exam and background check and complete a one-year apprenticeship.

This comes at the heels of the arrest of the owners of a funeral home in Fremont County where 189 decaying bodies were found decomposing. 

State regulators say Colorado has suffered from a lack of licensed workers, leading to public harm.

According to The Denver Post, the recommendation to require licensing is not yet a law or a mandate. 

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Boulder Library Reopening Celebrations

Boulder Public Library District reopened yesterday and will be hosting a slew of events next week to celebrate. 

The celebrations will be held on different days of the week beginning Monday, at George Reynolds branch, North Boulder Corner Library, the main library and Meadows Branch.

Staff will answer library-goers’ questions about the district’s reopening and host activities, accompanied by refreshments. 

According to the Daily Camera, Boulder Library Foundation board members and elected officials may make an appearance at the events. 

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