From the Archives to the Air: words and wisdom of the West

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    From the archives: words and wisdom of the west Ringo Joon


In this episode of From The Archives to the Air, we’ll be hearing some cowboy poetry recorded by KGNU in 1990. Cowboy poetry has been described as a blend of Irish storytelling, Scottish seafaring, and cattle tending. According to the website, the particulars of cowboy poetry derive from the American West: horses, cattle, prairie storms, mythic figures of cowboys and ranchers, and the great outdoors, delivered in styles ranging from the sublime to the silly.

Words and Wisdom of the West was recorded and produced by the KGNU Cowboy Poetry Committee, which includes Mike and Mouse Bradshaw, Jane Carpenter, Arthur Rakowski, Paul Metters, Scotch Lagel, Mike Keller, Marty Durland, Mike Bell, and Susan Uba.

From The Archives to the Air is written and produced by John Kellen with the assistance of Alexis Kenyon.

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