Engaging Kids in Computer Science

Computer Science Education Week is a national event happening in early December. To get a head start on things, there will be events happening at the Boulder Public Library in early November.

Lindsey Craig, a volunteer director with Boulder Computer Science Education Week, told KGNU that it’s important to engage kids with technology and computer science as it is ubiquitous in our lives.

“Computer science is in everything, if you’re doing radio you have to use computers, if you’re doing medical stuff, you have to use computers, and communication…it’s everywhere…and we think that the more people that understand how it works, the better off the world will be now and in the future.”


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    Engaging Kids in Computer Science KGNU News


Craig says there are many ways to teach children about computer science, from using robots to having kids just using their bodies and pretend to be robots. Children as young as 3 can be taught computer science, and it doesn’t always involved putting a child in front of a computer screen.  “We think a child, as long as they’re interested in it, that’s when they can be introduced. If they’re not interested in it, that’s totally fine, there are plenty of other toys and plenty of other avenues to pursue and be educated.”

There are events happening at the Boulder Public Library, downtown branch on Saturday November 4th and Tuesday November 14th. There will be opportunities to see some of the tools available for computer science education and lots of tech giveaways.

Find out more and register at csed.co.



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