Election Day in Denver

Full results of the election can be found here.

Voters in Denver will have until 7 p.m. on May 5th to drop off ballots or to vote in person in the city’s 2015 municipal elections. It is too late to mail in a ballot, but voters can drop ballots at two dozen secure drop boxes across the city or to vote in person at seven Voter Service and Polling Centers.

Alton Dillard with the City of Denver elections division told KGNU that voters are faced with a full ballot for all city municipal offices.

“So the entire slate being the mayor, clerk and recorder, auditor and all 13 city council seats are up.”

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    Election Day in Denver KGNU News

Denver Elections 1 People voting in person will have an opportunity to use new technology to cast their vote. Amber McReynolds, the Director of Elections for Denver told KGNU’s Dave Ashton that for the first time tablets will be available to the general public who wish to cast their votes in person.  “Under Colorado law we are required to go out and provide assistance and what have you to group residential facilities, nursing homes, assisted living, any location that qualifies for that. We actually have to deliver the ballots and send election judges. So previously we’ve taken out similar tablets to those locations. This is the first time we’re making it available for the in person voting experience.”


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    Election Day in Denver KGNU News


Denver elections 2 Voters can call 311 from within the City and County of Denver, or call 720-913-1311, follow @DenverElections on Facebook or Twitter or go to DenverVotes.org to get more information about today’s election.

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    Election Day in Denver KGNU News

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