DU encampment, Auraria campus, Mental Health Partners unionize, wolves in Summit County, Chautauqua shuttle

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DU Encampment

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators and University of Denver officials met for about three hours yesterday, to discuss the weeks-long encampment on the university campus.

Neither side made any formal statement afterward. But a spokesperson for the protesters told Fox31 that the meeting “went well.”

The meeting came in the wake of protestors refusing to adhere to a 9 p.m. deadline Tuesday, set by DU officials, to clear their encampment on Carnegie Green.

At last word, the encampment with approximately three dozen protest tents remains in place. It’s been on the Green for two weeks now.

The demonstrators are protesting the war in Gaza, and demanding the university cut all financial ties to Israel.

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Auraria Campus

Conversations also continue in the multi-week Auraria campus protests held to demand the schools cut ties from Israel.

Several faculty members and students from the colleges on the Auraria campus held a press conference yesterday in defense of those who participated in a three-week-long pro-Palestinian encampment demonstration.

The encampment was abandoned over the weekend, with campus officials closing the quad and all other green spaces “until further notice.”

Students at the meeting said they’re facing retaliation from their respective schools, and should not be subject to disciplinary actions.

In some cases, students who have been accused of violating the student code of conduct are not allowed to access campus facilities. Others have been suspended.

80 people were arrested in connection to the Auraria campus protests, according to Denver7. Only 16 are enrolled students at the campus.

In addition to cutting ties with Israel, the protesters want the University of Colorado and Metropolitan State University to fully disclose their financial investments amid the ongoing war in Gaza.

Denver7 reached out to Metro State University, Community College of Denver, and CU Denver. They all cited their respective student codes of conduct and the ways in which demonstrators may have violated those rules.

Specific portions of the code of conduct were noted in responses to Denver7 from both Metropolitan State University and the Community College of Denver.  Those speaking at the press conference raised concerns that student disciplinary hearings lack due process.

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Mental Health Partners Unionizes

Mental Health Partners has become the first crisis and addiction center in Boulder to unionize.

Employees at the clinic have voted to affiliate with Service Employees International Union Local 105, according to the Daily Camera.

The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of joining the union. Of the thirty-four votes cast, twenty-nine were in favor of unionizing. Only one vote was against, while four others were challenged and not counted.

Employees have cited staffing issues, a possible pay cut, and an unsafe working environment for reasons to unionize.

Mental Health Partners is a 24/7 clinic with free walk-in services for unhoused people, survivors of domestic violence, and those with addiction issues.

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Wolves enter Summit County

State wildlife officials tracking the movements of Colorado wolves say that at least one of them has traversed into the area surrounding Vail. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials say that between April 23 and May 21, at least one of the state’s wolves entered the watershed surrounding Vail, then traveled further south of Interstate 70 into the heart of Summit County. That puts them in the vicinity of Frisco, Silverthorne, and Dillon. 

Ten wolves were reintroduced into Colorado in December.  Wildlife officials placed tracking collars onto each one of them before release. The agency updates a map every month showing where each of the wolves has traveled, according to the Denver Post.

Since the December reintroduction, there have been 28 confirmed cases of wolf attacks on livestock, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, resulting in injury or death of 22 cattle, three sheep, and three dogs in Grand and Jackson counties.

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Free Chautauqua Shuttle

Boulder is once again offering free shuttle service to and from Chautauqua Park, starting this Saturday and running every weekend and summer holiday through September 2nd.

The Park-to-Park service runs to Chautauqua from several stops around town, and includes free shuttle parking.

It will run along a new route this year, traveling on Broadway instead of 9th Street, and makes stops closer to the Chautauqua trailhead and dining hall, according to a city press release.

Shuttles run every fifteen minutes between 8am and 8pm, and take pick up passengers at fifteen bus stops, with signs marked Park-to-Park shuttle.

Real time service updates can be seen on the transit app,

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Denver Bike Theft Registry

Denver’s year-old bicycle registry program appears to have put a dent in the number of bike thefts in the city.

Denver Police launched its 529 Garage Program in April 2023. They say that since then, bike thefts in the city have dropped by thirty percent.

More than 22,000 bikes are registered with the anti-theft program, according to 9News. Anyone interested in the 529 Garage Program can sign up for free using the program’s app, or through its website.

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