Denver’s Basic Income Project gets a six-month extension

Nick Pacheco at a Denver Basic Income Project Rally. Photo Courtesy of Armando Geneyro/Denver Basic Income Project.

The Denver Basic Income Project (DBIP) has served more than 800 participants in 2022 and 2023. Now, as a result of fundraising efforts and community support, the program will continue for another six months. They aren’t accepting new applications, but are offering payments to 39 participants that were previously enrolled in earlier iterations of the project – in addition to continuing payments to the initial enrollees. They offer payments in three groups: two receive $1,000 a month, and one that used to receive $50 will now receive $100 a month as a part of this new iteration.

The program is different from other Universal Basic Income projects across the country in that it works with unhoused folks. To learn more about the extension and the project as a whole, KGNU’s Jackie Sedley spoke with Nick Pacheco – coordinator for the extension for Denver Basic Income Project.

Listen here:

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Jackie Sedley


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