Colorado legislature discusses another firearm bill today and have rejected a bill to eventually ban new oil and gas drilling


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    04_01_2024 MornHeadlines Franziska Stangl

Plans for the Boulder City Council retreat this week

The Boulder City Council will hold its biannual retreat this week on Wednesday and Thursday.

In the meetings, council members will plan how to tackle Boulder’s biggest issues over the next year. According to the Denver Post, the agenda includes points on the city staff’s work plan for the year, as well as the city’s broader strategic goals for the next few years. 

Every council member can make a list of priority items they want to address on Wednesday, along with visions for the city and strategies to improve decision-making.

On Thursday, the Council will focus on team improvement like how to communicate with each other effectively. 

They will also keep working on the list of the members’ priorities together with facilitator Heather Bergman. Deputy City Manager Chris Meschuk says the goal is to have 10 priorities that they can all focus on.

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Denver City Council considers $2 million grant to assist homeless

The Denver City Council will be discussing today whether they should accept a $2 million grant from Colorado’s “Transformational Homelessness Response” program.

The money would go towards rapid rehousing efforts until September 30, 2026. This means they will track when people exit temporary shelters and help them transition into permanent housing. According to the Denver Gazette, Colorado has distributed $86 million for the program across the state.  

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More protection for transgender and nonbinary people under new bill

Legislators will discuss a bill today that gives transgender and nonbinary people more legal protection.

As the law stands now, the law does not include gender identity when considering bias-motivated crimes.  

The new bill would add gender identity and expression as a protected status adding to race, color, religion, ancestry,  national origin, physical or mental disability, and sexual orientation. 

Advocates say the bill would send a message about Colorado’s values and protect nonbinary and trans people more explicitly against the wave of anti-trans rhetoric and legislation they’re facing across the country. 

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House will discuss gun excise tax bill today

Lawmakers will discuss a bill today that would put an excise tax of 11% on any sale of a firearm, firearm precursor part, or ammunition in Colorado.

The bill would require every firearms dealer, manufacturer, and ammunition vendor in the state to file and return the due tax every month. Any sales to police officers are exempt from the tax.

The bill would require the state to spend that collected tax money on crime victim support services, gun violence prevention, safe and lawful gun use, and enhancement of school safety.


Colorado legislature rejected oil drilling ban in 2030

The Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee rejected a bill on Thursday to stop new oil and gas drilling across Colorado. 

This bill would have implemented the new oil and gas drilling ban starting in 2030. Colorado state lawmakers rejected the ban after nine hours of public comment. 

Kevin Priola, one of the sponsors, describes the bill as necessary to transition to cleaner energy as the Front Range continues to struggle with reducing ozone pollution and contributing to climate change. Most of the supporters were environmental and grassroots groups and some public officials.

Even after amending the bill, lawmakers voted 5-2 to postpone an oil and gas drilling ban indefinitely.

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Colorado e-bike program begins today

Beginning today, anyone living in Colorado is eligible for a $450 discount on the purchase of a new e-bike.

Governor Jared Polis announced a new statewide e-bike tax credit program last week. It is part of 2023 legislation to advance decarbonization.

The new program is the most ambitious e-bike tax credit program in the United States, according to the Denver Gazette allowing Coloradans to get the $450 discount at the point-of-sale, when buying an e-bike from a participating retailer.

9News says there are no income requirements or restrictions.

The Colorado Energy Office website lists six participating Boulder County bike shops and five in Denver.

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Denver starts street sweeps tomorrow

Denver will start sweeping its streets tomorrow to keep the air and water in the city clean. According to Denver7, sweeping prevents sewers from getting clogged and streets from being flooded.

Residents will have to keep an eye out for parking restrictions, and those who don’t move their vehicle in time may get a $50 fine. 

The Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is also asking Denverites not to sweep leaves onto the streets. 

Residents who want to know when it’s their street’s turn can sign up for reminders on the Denver city website.

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