Colorado Election Day 2019: What You Need To Know

Today is election day and while it is too late to mail in your ballot, voters have until 7pm to cast a vote in person or even register to vote says Boulder County Clerk and Recorder Molly Fitzpatrick.


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    Colorado Election Day 2019: What You Need To Know KGNU News


“Voters can choose to drop their ballot off at a 24 hour dropbox or a drive by drop off location. They can go vote in person or they can mail their ballot in at this point it is too late to mail that ballot in. So we are encouraging voters to go to a voter service center if they need to get a replacement ballot or need to vote in person. We do have four voter service centers in Boulder County. We have one in Boulder Longmont Lafayette and on the CU campus and we also have dropboxes throughout the county and four locations on both drop boxes and for voter service centers.”

Voters around the Front Range can find their nearest voting center online.


Fitzpatrick says in Boulder County, about 24% of ballots have already been turned in.

“So as of Sunday 53,000 people have returned their ballot which is nearly 24 percent turnout, and as of Sunday in 2017 we had 50000 people return their ballot and again these are county numbers not specific to any particular city or jurisdiction that is Boulder County and our office does not predict turnout but we do think that this election will be similar to another coordinated election. So in general general election presidential elections look similar to previous general elections an odd year elections look similar to previous odd your election. So we are expecting to see similar numbers to previous Odd year elections and that can range anywhere between 50 40 and 50 percent.”

For the first time thousands of Coloradans are eligible to vote in this election since state lawmakers passed a measure restoring voting rights to people on parole in the state.
The legislation was sponsored by Leslie Herod, a Democrat from Denver and restored voting rights to more than 11,000 Coloradans on parole.

Anyone eligible to vote in Colorado, including parolees, can register to vote and cast a ballot in today’s election. You just need to do it by 7pm.

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    Colorado Election Day 2019: What You Need To Know KGNU News

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