Child Decoded

We speak with Kim Gangwish and Marijke Jones, two of the co-editors of a new book Child Decoded: Unlocking complex issues in your child’s learning behavior or attention.

“The last twenty years have seen a huge increase, not only in children with learning and behavior problems, but in children with bewildering combinations of them. These combinations can defy categorization and resist treatment. Figuring these children out can feel like trying to decrypt an especially complex code, without a cypher. Even professionals find it challenging.

Child Decoded provides parents with a broader understanding of the issues that may be affecting their children, as well as concise information on who can help and how.”


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Gangwish and Jones will be participating in The Parent Engagement Network’s 2nd Annual Stress & Anxiety Symposium, January 27th from 8am to 4pm at the Boulder Valley Christian Church: 7100 S. Boulder Rd. Boulder Co 80303.



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