Capitol Conversation: Wrapping Up the 2015 Colorado Legislative Session

The state’s annual legislative session adjourns on Wednesday May 6th. The last few days are hectic as state lawmakers try to push through final bills, while others fail on the calendar, or die in committee. As part of our capitol conversation series, Bente Birkeland takes a look at what’s left to do.

Peter Marcus of the Durango Herald and Ivan Moreno with the Associated Press sit down with statehouse reporter Bente Birkeland to discuss what’s left to do and what measures are dead.

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Peter Marcus: Durango Herald on Reproductive Rights Legislation:

“We finally got some resolution on some of the birth control legislation. Funding for LARK, also known as IUDs…. It was running out of money there was an effort to expand it so more low-income women could get these devices. It was contentious because it had bi-partisan support, it was sponsored by a Republican but over in the Republican controlled Senate there was not that sense of support, and that bill finally went away.”

“We sort of had the grand finale of the abortion debate when we saw this bill that would have created a waiting period for women who wanted to get an abortion and required an ultrasound and other things. It was really hated by those in the pro-choice world. Ultimately a woman, a Republican voted with Democrats to kill that attempt in a Republican controlled committee.”

Ivan Moreno: Associated Press on Police Reform Bills:

“Several of these bills have already been defeated but a couple of them are still pending. One of them would reinforce that citizens have the right to record law enforcement activity and would also attach some penalties when law enforcement officers violate those rules. They would first have to ask for consent or get a warrant to seize a recording.”

“Another bill that died would have updated the criteria for what is considered racial profiling and would have prohibited police from doing that. It died recently, and seemed like it had momentum coming out of the House.”

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    Capitol Conversation: Wrapping Up the 2015 Colorado Legislative Session kgnu




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