Call Center Offers Last Minute Help for Voters

Voters have until 7:00 pm this evening to drop off ballots at voter service and polling centers. If you did not receive your ballot, however, or have any questions about voting, Colorado Common Cause has opened a hotline to help answer voter questions about the midterm elections and the voting process.

Caroline Fry with CO Common Cause says the most common question voters have is what to do if they didn’t receive a ballot through the mail.


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    Call Center Offers Last Minute Help for Voters KGNU News


“You can go to any voters service and polling center in your county of residence and either get a replacement ballot … or you can vote in person on a machine, the old fashion way.”

A common reason for not receiving a ballot, Fry says, is if you recently have moved and forgot to update your address with the Secretary of State. If that is the case, You can go to any voter service and polling center, update your address, and receive a new ballot. The deadline to update voter information online was October 29th.

Colorado also allows same day registration, so if you did not register to vote, you still have time to register and be apart of the democratic process.

The voter hotline is open until 7pm on Tuesday November 6th. Trained volunteers will answer questions from Colorado voters via English and Spanish voter hotlines: 866-OUR-VOTE and 888-VE-Y-VOTA.

If you are not able to drive because of an injury, Common Cause is working with county clerks to get emergency ballots to people who need them. For people who need transportation to the polls, ride share services Uber and Lyft are offering free and discounted rides to voters today.

Uber is giving free rides to voters on Election Day.

Uber’s app has a get to the polls button today for users which allows riders to find their voting center and get a free ride there.


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    Call Center Offers Last Minute Help for Voters KGNU News




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