Breaking cultural stereotypes through comedy

“Comedy definitely gets people to put their guard down and really listen.” Palestinian Muslim Eman El-Husseini defies many stereotypes…she’s a female stand-up comic but she’s also a Palestinian Muslim living in Canada. She addresses all those identities in her stand up comedy routine which seeks to break down cultural stereotypes. Boulder native Vinnie Montez does the same. He jokes about being a Mexican American from Boulder who also works in law enforcement. Montez is also known as “Brown Sugar” and he draws on his experience growing up in the traditional Mexican culture of his parents in Boulder for his stand up routine.

Montez and El-Husseini will join fellow comedians Donelle Prado and Jess Salomon in a night of comedy to benefit the Boulder based Intercambio. Lee Shaynis, the Executive Director of Intercambio said the idea stemmed from a national immigrant integration conference he attended. He said comedy is a place where “anything goes” so it can break down barriers.


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    Breaking cultural stereotypes through comedy kgnu


Comedy for Cambio is happening on Wednesday March 11th at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder. Reception with appetizers and cocktails at 5.30 with the show at 7pm.

Photo: Eman El-Husseini and Vincent Montez. 

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    Breaking cultural stereotypes through comedy kgnu

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