Booktalk: US Senator & Outdoor Enthusiast Tim Kaine’s “Walk, Ride, Paddle: A Life Outside”

Host Diana Korte speaks with US Senator Tim Kaine from VA and former Democratic vice-presidential candidate.  He is the author of a new memoir, “Walk, Ride, Paddle: A Life Outside”.

In 2019, he commemorated both his sixtieth birthday and his twenty-fifth year in public office by literally living a life outside. During weekends and in Senate recess weeks, Kaine—over a period of several years—hiked the 559 miles of the Appalachian Trail that cross Virginia. Biked 321 miles along the Virginia Blue Ridge and canoed 348 miles on the James River. 

He’s been a Virginia mayor, governor, and US senator and now an outdoorsy politician literally who crisscrossed his state on forest paths, mountain bike trails, and waterways.

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