Black Talk: Velveta Golightly-Howell

Black Talk is a one-hour monthly show bringing us news and more from NAACP Boulder County and beyond.

Hosted by Michele Simpson, it airs on KGNU on the second Thursday at 8:32 AM, just after the BBC News headlines.

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Listen to the July 14, 2022 show:

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    Black Talk: Velveta Golightly-Howell christian

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The July 14, 2022 edition of Black Talk features Velveta Golightly-Howell. Our conversation with Velveta will center on her lifelong passion for mentoring and providing role models to the next generation of Black youth. We will also hear about the inspiration behind the Sister-to-Sister International Network of Professional African American Women, Inc. – an organization Velveta founded over 30 years ago. And, of course, we will devote time to learning more about how this Tuscaloosa, Alabama native became the eighth Black woman to earn a law degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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    Black Talk: Velveta Golightly-Howell christian

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