Black Cube Art Installation in Gold Hill

The Gold Hill Art Project brings together the work of three Black Cube artist fellows … and each artist has chosen to focus on different aspects of Gold Hill’s history.”-Cortney Stell, Executive Director of Black Cube Nomadic Museum.

A black cube refers to the idea of taking art exhibitions out of the more traditional indoor exhibition spaces. The Black Cube Nomadic Museum is currently showing the Gold Hill Art Project in Gold Hill, a Colorado mining town in the foothills west of Boulder.

The artwork on display throughout the Gold Hill community features work from Mollie Berger, Jennifer Ling Datchuck, and Eric Stewart. The art ranges from a cabin to a concrete sculpture to photograms placed within trees. Visitors will walk through the town from one installation to another.

The art projects will be on display through September 5th with free workshops and outdoor film screenings on the weekends.

KGNU’s Joanne Cole speaks with Laurie Britton Newell, Curator of the Gold Hill Exhibit and Cortney Stoll, the Executive Director of the Black Cube Nomadic Museum.


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    Black Cube Art Installation in Gold Hill KGNU News



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    Black Cube Art Installation in Gold Hill KGNU News

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